How to make the best of this Time Between the Worlds | Amrita GraceI am in awe. Never did I dare to hope that global transformation could happen this fast. That Mother Gaia could heal Herself in a matter of days, weeks. That the structures that have been based on greed and misuse of power could crumble so quickly. Part of me has been in joyful celebration since I first heard about the global pandemic called Corona Virus. Not for the tragic pain, sickness, suffering, and death… of course not. But I confess I’ve often been more concerned for the survival of the earth than the survival of humans. I’ve been in celebration for the coming of a new age of humanity that I’ve been praying for, waiting for, and helping to create.

Here we are, staying home, riding out the most surprising and wild time any of us has ever experienced in our lifetime. New phrases like “shelter in place” and “flatten the curve” have become household words. Some of us have lost jobs, businesses, and friends and family members. I extend my heartfelt compassion to you if you are grieving losses in your life.

Everything has gone crazy.

Life turned on a dime… that happens sometimes. There’s so much instability in the economy and political climate and patriarchal structures are gasping their last breath. There is so much fear and chaos in the collective. We are truly “between the worlds” right now. How can we make the best of this uncertain space and time?

Gaia is showing us how to be between the worlds

This is a great time to mimic what She is doing:

  1. She’s releasing what no longer serves her (pollution, industry, humans running all over the place like ants)
  2. She’s taking a deep inhale
  3. She’s resting and regenerating
  4. She’s birthing a new vision for herself

Let’s take these step by step:

Release what no longer serves you

This is a powerful time to pause… even just for a day. Create space where you can be quiet. Take time to delve into your own inner mysteries. What unprocessed emotions are still lurking inside you? It’s kind of like Spring cleaning. Get rid of the stuff that’s taking up space but you no longer use. If you need some help with this, see my article on navigating emotions with ease and grace. It was written specifically for these times.

Take a deep inhale

Breathe. It’s no accident that the Corona Virus impacts our capacity to draw breath while allowing the air around the earth to clear so She can breathe again. Your breath is your most powerful tool for expansion and transformation. It’s not just keeping us alive, it’s how Spirit moves through us. Take slow, deep breaths all the way down to your feet and even further, sending roots into the earth. Breath into Her and then as you inhale, receive Her gifts of energy and blessing.

Rest and regenerate

Maybe you lost your job or maybe you are working at home. Perhaps you still go to work in an essential business or health-related field. Whatever is happening for you, it’s imperative to carve out time for yourself to rest and regenerate. I have heard from so many people that they have been forced to rest because their bodies refused to function. This happened to me as well, and for two days during my first week of voluntary confinement, I felt exhausted, unmotivated, and was unable to force myself to work. Even now, in my third week of voluntary confinement, I’m utterly spent by 5:00 pm and in bed by 7:30 because I can’t move. WE NEED REST! We have an incredible opportunity, as commerce virtually comes to a halt, to allow ourselves to recover and regenerate.

Birth a new vision for your life

This between-the-worlds time is a great time to prepare yourself for what wants to be called forth from you and through you in the very near future, and that begins with a vision. What do YOU want for the future? For your future, for the planet’s future? This is not a time to let old belief systems about what can and can’t happen run the show. It’s a time to DREAM BIG and ask, “What else is possible?”.

Once you have clarity about how you want the world (and your world) to look and feel, let that inform what’s next. What steps can you take now to implement this vision, to begin to prepare and act “as if” your vision is really, truly possible? It doesn’t matter how far-fetched it seems to be or how shut down the world is. What matters is your commitment and devotion to stepping up into that passion to make a difference.

Spiral back to number 1: release

What might hold you back or sabotage your efforts to embrace your vision and your passion, even on a small scale? Where are your weak spots? What have you not been willing to look at? What inner resources have you cut yourself off from?

There’s one big piece that people often miss in this inventory, and that is life force energy. Do you have full access to your life force? You may not even know the answer. Do you feel vital, fully alive, passionate, energized? If not, there may be something to investigate there.

I want to let you in on a little secret right now. That life force energy I spoke of is really your *sexual* energy. If you have in any way or for any reason cut yourself off from your sexual energy, chances are you don’t have access to this precious, abundant, free resource. In times of stress, as we are most certainly in at this time, our sexual energy may be completely dormant or inaccessible. However, it’s important to get access to that life force, because it will feed your passion, your joy, your vitality, and your creativity. I offer a unique, multi-faceted self-guided online course to help you do just that! It’s called The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness-The Alchemy of Abundance, and here’s a 20% off coupon for you: amrita20

As you tune in to that part of you that’s tired of playing small and is ready to step up big and make a powerful impact and a real difference on the planet, let that part lead the way. Let her courage forge the path. Let her sword of truth cut through illusions. Ask her how she needs to be fed in order to flourish. And TRUST the PROCESS!

Please share your future vision for yourself and/or for the planet in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what you are creating!

Love & blessings, Amrita