Our Mission

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® is igniting a global re-evolution of safe, sacred, high-integrity sexual healing, awakening, and empowerment that will transform relationships of all kinds, including our relationship to the Earth and the relationship between the masculine and feminine. We are on a mission from Goddess to weave a new reality of feminine presence and balanced power within ourselves, our communities, our world, and beyond.

Our Global Vision

Imagine a world…

where our sexual energy is honored as sacred.

without sexual assault, sex trafficking, and childhood sexual abuse.

where sexual education is age-appropriate, life-affirming, truthful, shame-free, and respects the sacredness of our bodies.

where balanced masculine and feminine energies are safe to be fully expressed.

where people of all genders and colors acknowledge each other as empowered, sovereign beings.

We believe this world is within our reach. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet… as within, so without.

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® is creating a world in which safe, gentle, effective sexual healing is readily available.
It’s called Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® and it’s our specialty!