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Season 2

Episode #6

Women’s Voices & Sexual Energy-A Sacred Connection with Crystaline Randazzo

This episode serves as a call to women to listen to their inner voice, trust themselves, and reclaim their power for healing and self-discovery. We discuss the importance of storytelling, personal transformation, and overcoming trauma to reclaim one’s sexual sovereignty and wholeness. We explore methods for creating safer spaces for women to express themselves and the significance of sexual energy as a vital aspect of life force and creativity.

Connect with Crystaline:

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix 

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Episode #5

Sexual Healing-The Path to Freedom with Nuna Isi Ma

Amrita & Nuna Isi discuss what sexual energy is, why it’s so important for living well, the steps to sexual healing, and why sexual healing is a spiritual path.

Complimentary Training with Nuna Isi

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix 

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Episode #4

Mother Gaia & Mary Magdalene with Mare Cromwell

Amrita & Mare explore the importance of Mother Gaia as our Planetary Caretaker, how to connect with trees, and the 3 questions to ask when connecting with Mary Magdalene to discern impostor energies.

Mare’s Website
Mary Magdalene: Teachings, Caution & Initiation Video
⁠1000 Goddesses Global Gathering Grid⁠
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Facebook personal timeline
Facebook Great Mother Love Way Page
Facebook 1000 Goddesses Gathering Page
Twitter – @earthmothermsgs

Amrita’s website
Amrita’s upcoming events for women

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix

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Episode #3

Pelvic Health & Wholeness with Rahi Chun

Amrita and Rahi Chun of Somatic Sexual Wholeness explore genital dearmouring – what it is, why it forms, and how to release it. Amrita talks about her experience of taking Rahi’s 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring for Reclaiming and Expanding Pleasure course and offers a coupon code for his next course, starting March 20, 2024.
Rahi’s website
Genital Dearmouring Course
Coupon code for $100 off: Amrita
Amrita’s upcoming events for women

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix

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Episode #2

The Priestess of Avalon with Dawn Kinsella

Take a deep dive into the magic and mystery of Avalon with Amrita and Dawn as they discuss what it means to be a priestess of Avalon along with pagan marriage, death, consciousness, matriarchal society, and feminine sexuality.
Dawn’s website: Sacred Celebrants Academy
The Sacred Feminine Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon
June 28-July 5, 2024 in Glastonbury

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix

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Episode #1

Women Make Plans and Goddess Laughs

After a 2 year break and with her plans to “retire” foiled, Amrita is back in the game with a new season of Feminine Sexual Healing®. While she never stopped teaching, as her students wouldn’t let her, she did take a long break from marketing and to take her own deep journey of healing. Amrita’s website: The Sacred Feminine Mystery School

Upcoming events: The Art of Receiving® in the SF Bay Area in March 2024
The Sacred Feminine Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon in June 2024

Music: “Light in You” by Theda Phoenix

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Season 1

Episode #20

The Ultimate Act of Radical Self Care

In this final episode of Feminine Sexual Healing, I announce that 2022 will be my last year of teaching full time Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®. Get the whole story. (2023 update) The work of Feminine Sexual Healing continues! The podcast will reboot for a second season in early 2024.

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Episode #19:

The Shadow Side of Love Interview with Junie Moon

Join Amrita as she welcomes Junie Moon, The Love Coach, to the Feminine Sexual Healing podcast. Learn about the shadow side of love, how to recognize these shadows, and how to break the patterns of sabotage so you can attract and keep loving, deeply satisfying relationships. Show Notes – Get Junie’s free gift

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Episode #18:

How to Navigate Triggers for
Emotional Freedom

Do you ever find yourself acting like a bratty kid, blaming other people for how you feel and wondering why? It’s possible you’re experiencing an emotional trigger. It’s natural to shrink from feeling the shame, fear, or anger that comes with being triggered, but there is a path to freedom!

The Step by Step Process: Stop and breathe, Resist distractions that will take away the pain (alcohol, TV, etc), Turn your attention inward (not outward toward the source of the trigger), Slow things down, Initiate self-care, Decide to move toward the discomfort, Get curious, Feel your feet, move your hips, bring it down into your body, Remind yourself that this is yours, not caused by anything around you, Take more deep breaths, Move the energy (SAFELY) if you can: Scream into a pillow, pound on a soft piece of furniture, make primal sounds: wail, growl, etc., have a tantrum on the floor with pillows under your fists, shake out body parts or your whole body

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Episode #17:

Creating New Ways to Gather: 7 Powerful, Positive Guidelines

It’s imperative that we begin to gather in person again just as soon as it feels safe to do so. And “safe” will mean something different for each person. In this timely article, Amrita shares 7 guidelines for coming together in loving, tender, and respectful ways that support each person’s risk tolerance and boundaries. You can also listen on all major podcast platforms.

Episode #16:

A Tale of Two Priestesses-A True Life Story

What exactly is a priestess? The modern priestess is as diverse and individual as today’s women are. She’s a leader who upholds and honors the feminine aspect of divinity. Amrita takes you on a fascinating journey down the priestess path with powerful stories from her own life. You can also listen on all major podcast platforms.

Episode #15:

Online Communities Deserve Integrity, Privacy, and Respect

Leaving Facebook has become imperative for me, but it doesn’t have to mean abandoning the Facebook groups I’ve created. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve found a wonderful solution for my groups that’s free of ads, algorithms, privacy invasions, clickbait, and endless friend suggestions. Join the new Sacred Feminine Community. You can also listen on all major podcast platforms.

Episode #14:

What is Sacred Self Care and Why do I Need It?

Learn about the six layers of Sacred Self Care, a holistic, multi-faceted approach to cultivating wholeness that goes way beyond massages and hot baths. It means addressing every level of your being, especially the “unseen” aspects. Listen on major podcast platforms. Link to the Self-Guided Online Course: bit.ly/sexualwholeness

Episode #13:

A Simple Solution to the Cycle of Overwork and Stress

If you experience the unstoppable drive to overwork and feel stressed all the time, this podcast is for you! 2021 and beyond requires a new approach that is more balanced and heart-centered, and that’s integral to this simple solution. Listen on major podcast platforms. Link to the self-guided online course: bit.ly/sexualwholeness

Episode #12:

The Sacred Feminine is Here to Stay

One week after the 2020 presidential election, Amrita talks about anchoring the energies of the sacred feminine as the patriarchal structures fall.  Listen on major podcast platforms.

Episode #11:

Bringing Back Empathy and Compassion

Amrita talks about how social media has changed our experiences of connection and relationships through behavior modification and invites herself, and all of us, back into conscious empathy, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance. Listen on major podcast platforms.

Show references: “The Social Dilemma
Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

Episode #10:

The 5 Keys to Sexual Wholeness

Amrita walks you step by step through the 5 foundational keys that, when practiced, will bring immense gifts of health, vitality, joyful relationships, and all manner of abundance. Listen on major podcast platforms.

Link to the new online course: http://bit.ly/sacredfemininepath

Episode #9:

How to Embrace the Light without Spiritual Bypassing

Amrita defines spiritual bypassing and talks about how to differentiate between being a holder of light and being in spiritual bypass and shares how she is navigating this tricky territory.

Show references: Ariel Spilsbury: https://holographicgoddess.com/
“Spiritual Bypassing-When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters” by Robert Augustus Masters
“The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation” by Dennis William Hauck

Episode #8:

Confessions of a Racist

Amrita talks about the tightly-woven, deeply embedded web of systemic racism that has spanned over 400 years and how as a white person, she is confronting her own inherent racism.

Episode #7:

From Trauma to Calm

Learn seven simple ways to turn trauma into calm so you can navigate the choppy waters of today’s news, social media, and conflicting points of view while staying embodied and grounded.

Episode #6:

The Sacred Pause

Explore holding multiple realities and learn the four ways to make the best use of this “time between the worlds” in full alignment with the guidance of Gaia, our precious Mother Earth.

Episode #5:

The 5 Secrets to Sexual Sovereignty

It’s time to shed the old ways of being and claim our sexual sovereignty! 5 ways to claim yours and bring more ease and flow into your life.

Episode #4:

Inhale Abundance, Exhale Stress

What’s really happening when you inhale and exhale? There’s a lot more going on than most people realize. Try it out for yourself and see what kind of impact this simple, free, and powerful visualization can have on your life.

Episode #3:

Feeling is Healing

Live free and happy! Tools to help you process your feelings as they arise, allowing you to release stored energy and free up your mind, body, and psyche of old stuff you no longer need. Better health, more vitality, and ease of living will soon follow.

Episode #2:

The Healing Power of Sexual Energy

Amrita healed her breast cancer in less than 3 months… hear her amazing story and learn about sexual energy as a potent healing elixir.

Episode #1:

The Origin Story

Who is Amrita Grace and why is she talking about Feminine Sexual Healing? Hear her amazing story and learn why no one escapes the impact of a sexually wounded society and what you can do about it! 

Meet Your Host, Amrita Grace

Amrita is an Award-Winning, Bestselling Author, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Ordained High Priestess, and Art of Feminine Presence Teacher. She is fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power, inspiring them to live the fulfilled and abundant lives they dream of.

Co-founder, Visionary, and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School®, Amrita is an accomplished facilitator of the process globally celebrated as Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®. Amrita trains and certifies women as Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators® and facilitates introductory retreats in the US and other global locations.