Spiritually Aware Women

Would you like to and experience a new kind of energy, vitality, and connection to yourself and the people in your life?

Dear Soul Sister…

Pensive older woman
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your partner, yearning for deeper conversations and intimacy?
  • Has traditional relationship advice and couple’s therapy left you feeling empty?
  • Do you feel depleted of energy, excitement, and passion for life?
  • Are you afraid that this is all there is, and nothing is ever going to change?

What if this has less to do with your circumstances and more to do with a blocked flow of your natural feminine energy?

Now imagine if there was a step-by-step system that would show you exactly how to rediscover the passion and intimacy in your relationship and reignite your vitality through the power of the feminine.

Well, there is. And by using this system, you’ll master the secrets to unlocking the abundant energy and vitality that’s already inside of you… to create exactly the life and relationship you long for and deserve.

Imagine what your life will be like when you…


Reignite the spark of your relationship

Reawaken your vitality, creativity, and passion for life

Let go of shame around your sexuality

Open to a life of love, connection, and intimacy

Expand into your own powerful feminine energy

Pensive older woman

What would shift?

My name is Amrita Grace, and I spent the first 20 years of my adult life stuck in difficult and challenging relationships that seemed to repeat the same patterns over and over. I was working hard and barely getting by… and frustrated that I could never quite find the right solution.

I kept digging into why my relationships weren’t working, why I was working so hard for so little return, and why I wasn’t feeling connected to the abundant flow of life, because I knew there had to be a much better way to live.

That was when I discovered something that hardly anyone is talking about, let alone teaching: the power of sexual life force energy and how to harness that potent force safely and powerfully into so much more than just sexual relationships.

Through my professional education in the realm of sexual healing, I learned that, contrary to common understanding, sexual energy is not just for sex. It actually feeds into every aspect of your life… your health, your vitality, your energy, your relationships, and even your finances.

When I started to apply these principles, everything shifted! I went from 20 years of dysfunctional, painful relationships and living paycheck to paycheck to a joyful marriage with my beloved, work that I love and that fulfills my purpose, a peaceful home, and a life of satisfaction, contentment, and the true abundance that comes from knowing how to let life all the way in. 

What made the difference was learning to use my feminine flow of sexual energy in a whole new way. It positively impacted every aspect of my life and I can show you how to make it work for you!

Tapping into my feminine flow of healing sexual energy has totally transformed my life and empowered me to pass on these little-known secrets. So to answer this calling, I created a gentle, fully guided introduction to reconnecting with your own feminine sexual life force energy flow. Please join me in transforming every aspect of your life in 6 simple steps!

The Most Surprising Thing I Discovered…

There’s a very specific flow of life force energy that is available to all of us, but that we are not taught how to access and use. This flow of energy can have a huge impact on our relationships and our vitality, as well as how much abundance we allow into our lives.

Like most people, you probably stopped that flow very early in life, and that may be keeping you stuck in all or some of these vitally important areas.

The hidden truth is that your life force energy feels a lot like sexual energy, and when it’s shut down, you’re effectively cut off from your most important fuel source for living a satisfying and joyful life.

Sexual energy is so much more than what we were taught, but because we don’t know that, most of us either shut it down or let it run our lives without even realizing it.

You probably learned along the way that your sexual energy should be kept in a tiny box and only taken out for sex, but it’s simply not true.

Sexual energy is actually the natural life energy that extends into every part of your being and empowers every aspect of your life.

The good news is, you can get access to a free flow of your life force energy no matter what your past experience has been.

Once you understand the steps, it’s easy to create positive changes in your relationships, get full access to your creative expression and your vitality, improve your health and well-being, and increase your capacity for abundance.

What is your shut-down life force energy costing you?

  • Are you living in a “roommate” relationship with your romantic partner?
  • Do you have health issues that defy diagnosis?
  • Do you wonder where your creative energy and passion for life went?
  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Do you long for more depth of intimacy and connection?

When you get access to a free flow of your life-force energy, 

You tap into an endless well of creativity, vitality, and passion for life…

Relationships become a source of love, connection, support, and joy…

Trapped emotions in your body are safely released...

And you clear the blocks to receiving true abundance.

The good news is… there is actually a SYSTEM you can follow to create the relationships, the health and vitality, the abundance, and the creativity you truly desire.

The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness – The Alchemy of Abundance

My lovingly created program is a proven, reliable, and repeatable system designed specifically to help you:


  • Identify and clear your hidden blocks to intimacy and connection
  • Access your natural, feminine life force energy
  • Release shame and embarrassment around your sexuality
  • Love and accept your body as it is right now
  • Let go of stress, anger, anxiety, and fear
  • Ask for what you want and set clear boundaries

What You’ll Receive When You Enroll Today

This life-changing 6-week program includes simple, enjoyable exercises you can do in about a hour a week.

  • 6 Content Modules with Teachings, Meditations, Exercises, Assignments, and Guided Inner Journeys
  • multi-media format for a variety of learning styles
  • Bonus Collection to enhance your journey
  • 1 full year of access to the online content

A deeper look at the content:

  • Module 1: Unveiling the Magic of the Sacred Feminine
  • Module 2: Deepening into Your Body and the Earth
  • Module 3: Transmuting Pain into Power
  • Module 4: Revealing the Expansiveness of Your Heart
  • Module 5: Exploring New Worlds through Inner Vision
  • Module 6: Reclaiming Your Divine Birthright
  • Integration: Embracing What’s Next
  • Bonus Collection
Content graphic: 6 Multi-Media Modules<br />
103 Lessons<br />
Follow Up Resources<br />
Supportive Bonus Collection<br />
1 Full Year of Access

Plus, Receive 4 Incredible Bonuses worth $150 When You Enroll Now

Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness

Award-winning, bestselling book by Amrita Grace in the updated 3rd edition. ($20 value)

Reclaiming Aphrodite Audio Meditations

Companion to the book: audios guided meditations in the author’s voice. ($50 value)

Awaken Your Inner Priestess

A bite-sized audio introduction to the Emergence of the Sacred Feminine Awakening from a priestess perspective. ($50 value)


Fall in Love with Your "Girls" - Why Breast Health Matters to Every Woman

A fresh perspective on loving, accepting, and caring for your precious “heart pillows” no matter their shape or size. ($30 value)

Essential Elements: Learn more about each of these Vital Ingredients for a Joyful Life.


Clear outdated patterns so you can have the kind of relationships you want


Unlock your life force energy for creativity, passion, and aliveness


Access, express, and empower your true desires for your life and future


Learn the secret key to abundance that is hidden in plain sight and how to use it


Unlock the blocks that keep your feminine sexual energy locked down tight


Invite your heart and mind into a harmonious alliance


Cultivate balance between your inner masculine and feminine expressions


Open new portals and pathways to support, guidance, and expansion

Women Share Their Experiences With the Course

“The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness reconnected me to my ancient, sacred female/sexual energy. The path of healing is gentle but goes deep. I love the mix of training and exercises: video, audio, journaling, movement and coloring.  The improved vitality and strength in my feminine nature has brought beautiful changes in my life. Sacred purpose, empowered feminine leadership, and whole body aliveness are the gifts of Amrita’s teachings!”

Neala Kuutar, San Francisco Bay Area

“Taking this course is a life changing experience, like stepping into a virtual temple of sacred feminine wholeness. From the minute I opened the course, I felt transported by beautifully written words, music, invocations, images. My senses were enveloped by beauty and instantly I knew I was safe and held. This is a nurturing space that gently guides you and equips you with what is needed moment by moment, inviting you to explore and open to what is revealed along the way. There is a breadth and depth of knowledge that unfolds gently and as it unfolds, you are both challenged to let go of the old and embraced as you open up to the limitless possibility of who you can be now.” Barbara on Facebook

Barbara Lezynski

“I have participated similar courses in the past and I have to say that this one is far superior! Amrita’s calm, soothing, inviting, and easy-to-listen-to voice guides you through with PDF’s, videos, audio, opportunities to colour, and as an added bonus, journaling and questions that help tie it all together. Each module is easy to go through but also invites you to go deeper into your being and if strong emotions come up, the tools are there to help you navigate through them and move forward. Amrita’s personal stories woven throughout the course bring through her empathy and understanding. This course will guide you at a gentle and supportive pace throughout the process. I highly recommend purchasing this course… you’ll be glad you did!”

Heather Egan, Ontario Canada

“I’ve been proactive in my own cellular healing for the past 15 years and understand that healing has many layers, so when I came to this groundbreaking course, I was deeply grateful for Amrita’s approach that honors the body as a sacred gateway to deep soul-healing. This 6-week journey encourages incremental, alchemical change while allowing for where we might be at any given time–both emotionally and energetically. The course material is refreshingly devoid of clichéd branding and marries ancient teachings with Amrita’s unique and liberating ethos. From the very first sentence and the very first video, I felt Amrita was sitting right across from me in my own home, speaking to me with 100% authentic, egoless presence. Thank you, Amrita, for being a conduit of true Goddess consciousness!” Marlaina’s website

Marlaina Donato, author of "Goddess Consciousness"

“I left the strict, patriarchal church that I grew up in when I was 18. Through my early twenties, I tried to find a less controlling version of spirituality and explored many religious traditions. There is just one problem. Women are simply not seen as equals in most major religions. I could not find a place for me (at least not the whole me) in these spaces but I still felt a longing for some kind of spiritual life. Then I met Amrita and took this course which allowed me to explore the idea of spirituality built upon the sacred feminine and embraced all of me (sexuality included!). This course allowed me to explore things that I’ve felt as a woman but have struggled to voice. First, we acknowledged our own experiences and the generational experience of the women in our lives. Then we sat in mediation and learn to move and feel our bodies. Finally, we began to heal and reclaim our power. Amrita creates safe, sacred spaces where women share our stories and acknowledge those tender places we’ve carried for much of our lives.” Crystaline’s website

Crystaline Randazzo

“I have been a self-searcher my whole life. Taking The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness opened up so much for me. What I didn’t know is that I was just touching on the surface. This course is life-changing, a leading-edge exploration of my deepest self, guided by Amrita , who shares herself completely and selflessly. I have awakened to a new and more energized ME! Powered by my own feminine spirit, I can now imagine a limitless life.  Thank you Amrita!” Sugandha’s website

Sugandha Ferro Black

“I was very pleased and touched by Amrita’s openness to share her life story. This made it possible for me to be very open with myself and my issues. During the course I was often taken out of my comfort zone and was able to make progress step by step because I felt very well taken care of, safe and valued by Amrita and the group. I am very touched about the beginning of my healing, which I experienced in a few weeks and which may now continue thanks to this wonderful course, because it was life-changing for me.”

Petra Linzbach, Cologne, Germany

A Small Investment That Will Produce Lifetime Returns

Other programs on the scale of what The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness offers cost $997 – $1800. It used to be you could only get access to this unique system at an in-person retreat, which involved transportation costs and time away from your family.

During the pandemic, I realized that it’s imperative that I make this system available to a much wider audience, including women who are unable or unwilling to do this life-changing work in a group setting.

I promise you it will be worth every penny of your investment (not just money, but time and energy) and so much more… or I’ll refund you 100%!


Total value $1147, you pay only $497 or 2 payments of $255

Your 100% Delight is Backed by My 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee Button


Enroll today, go through the entire system, and put these life-changing exercises to work in your life.

If, at any time during the next 6 months, you don’t believe the program made any difference in your life, we’ll refund you every penny. The bonus material will be yours to keep.

That’s more than fair, don’t you agree? You literally have nothing to lose by taking action today, so go ahead and enroll now.

How Do You Want to Feel A Year From Now?

Are you creating your life by design or by default? If you want your life to look different, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and make different choices.

If you put off taking action today, you’ll keep experiencing the same results and your life and relationship will look exactly the same in a year.

I would love to help you create something new, something that is aligned with your hopes and desires.

Older couple hugging

What makes this course different is that it’s been specifically designed to lovingly transmit sacred feminine sexual mysteries and to gently heal and awaken your personal feminine sexual life force energy. It was created by women and is available to people of all genders who resonate with a feminine approach.

Please join me on this unique and sacred journey!

With love and blessings, Amrita

P.S. I know it can feel intimidating to step out of your safe comfort zone. Your mind will tell you things like, Your life is working just fine, There’s no need for change, or Keep things just as they are. That is your mind’s job… to keep you “safe.” But what if everything you truly desire is just outside your comfort zone?

This system is perfect for you if…


You are in a "roommate" relationship with your romantic partner


You feel stuck in a relationship that is sexually unsatisfying


You experience shame around your sexuality


You feel low on energy and vitality and can’t pinpoint why


It's challenging for you to ask for what you want and need


You feel mired in stress, anger, sadness, or fear

This system NOT for you if…


You don't want to invest in yourself


You prefer to stay in your comfort zone


Your religious beliefs do not allow for Goddess spirituality


You're fine with your life the way it is and don't want change


You prefer not to dive deeply into your own being

Get Your Questions Answered

Why do I need access to my sexual energy?

Most people have not experienced their sexual energy as their life force energy. What I’ve seen is that many people, especially women, are shut down without even realizing it, and that stored energy can severely inhibit their ability to have the kind of relationships they want. Are you fully satisfied with the level of intimacy and connection in your relationship?

What if I'm new to this?

This course is introductory for those who have not worked with sexual life force energy before. It also has enough depth for those who have experience. Repetition is a very important component of learning and we encourage you to approach the course with beginner’s mind.

What if I've already done this kind of work?

There’s always more to uncover, to awaken, to reclaim, and to integrate. That being said, this work is unique in that it brings a sacred and feminine approach to accessing sexual life force energy, which makes it safe, gentle, and inclusive. We’ve also found that repetition is key in this work. The more you do this important inner work, the more joy, abundance, and expansion you will experience. It’s a lifelong journey rather than a destination.

What if I identify as non-binary?

The course is designed for the feminine body, uses female pronouns, and references female body parts, but feminine beings of all genders who resonate with the sacred feminine approach are welcome. (If you are a cis-gendered hetero man, this is probably not for you.)

Will this work for me?

If you go through the course and fully participate in each step, you will begin to gain access to your own unlimited source of feminine life force energy. It’s up to you to commit to the process and take the steps, and if you do, the process will take you to places you’ve never been before. If you’re looking for a magic pill or instant gratification, you will probably be disappointed.


I can't afford it.

I like to reframe that phrase into, “It’s not a financial priority for me right now.” Sometimes it’s necessary to rearrange priorities so that you can invest your time, energy, and money in something that will pay off in a lifetime of benefits in all aspects of your life. If you are called to participate in this course, you will find a way.


I don't have time for this.

Historically, women have been conditioned to put everyone else first and see to their own needs last. The truth is, when you are empty, you have nothing to give. Giving from empty leads to resentment and exhaustion. It takes a conscious decision to create time and space for your own self care, but when you do, you become a beacon of love and light for those around you. This course is self-paced, so you can integrate it at your own speed. If you invest at least 1 focused hour a week, you’ll gain a lifetime of benefits. You also have a full year to access the content.



I’m nervous about unearthing buried stuff that isn’t currently affecting me.

That’s perfectly natural. What you may not realize is that the buried stuff is most definitely impacting you on a daily basis at a subconscious level. It affects your relationships, your family, your work, your creativity, your health, and your energy levels. I guide you gently through a step by step process that allows you to access and release the buried stuff so that you can make a fresh start and see improvements in every aspect of your life.




Are there scholarships available?

We offer a partial scholarship option for people who are part of marginalized communities or living in developing countries and are unable to pay the full tuition. More info here.

Meet Your Facilitator

Amrita Grace, High Priestess

Amrita is a deeply intuitive, trauma-informed visionary leader in the Feminine Sexual Empowerment Re-Evolution who’s been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women and non-binary femmes into their deepest soul essence since 2000. As she guides them to release their generational, ancestral, and cultural sexual wounding, they can freely embody their authentic feminine power for a life filled with love, vitality, pleasure, and abundance.

Co-Founder and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, Amrita is the award-winning, bestselling author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness and two other books, host of the Feminine Sexual Healing® podcast, a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, and an Ordained High Priestess. She’s been facilitating in-person retreats for over 20 years.

Following a swift and magic-filled journey through breast cancer, Amrita received a global vision and spiritual directive to answer the immense need for healing, transforming, and integrating sexual shadow and sexual wounding worldwide. She’s trained empowered feminine leaders to hold safe, impeccable, sacred space for people of all genders to heal their sexuality so they can live lives of joyful abundance and enjoy fulfilling and connected relationships.

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