Certified Teachers

Teresa Thomas

Swannanoa, NC

Teresa is also know as Tree, given that her deep connection to nature is a source of her intuitive understanding of the energetic world. With an open heart, her compassionate approach to client and group work sparks deep connection, strongly led by Source to create leading-edge experiences in alignment with truth and wellbeing. Since 2017, Teresa has been following her own healing path into the realm of Sacred Sexuality. There she encountered the work of Amrita Grace and the AH Practice. This evolved practice dives into a subtle, yet profound somatic healing modality that addresses all energy centers, while also allowing people the opportunity to remember their wholeness.

Mary Ferroni

Altamonte Springs, FL

When I found The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, my interest was piqued. Though I was skeptical on many levels, I registered for a weekend with Amrita Grace and Caroline Muir, the founders of this incredible healing work. By the end of the weekend, I knew that becoming certified in this work was my path. 

Through the AH Sessions, I experienced a cellular level of release trauma, physically and emotionally, and learned how to self-regulate my nervous system. It’s been a journey of opening my heart and challenging my ideas of energetic healing. I now understand that sexual wounding is a spectrum… not so black and white.

As a Sacred Witness, I will co-create a safe and nurturing environment for you to have your own unique experience of healing. I’m available worldwide virtually with wonderful results. I work with people of all genders. 

 “A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself. “  ~Unknown

Martine Florus


Martine is passionate about guiding people back into unconditional love and speaking their truth. Her own path to self-love and inner peace led her around the world. One of her most profound healings happened on Maui while attending her first training in The AH Practice®. Since then, she’s made it her life’s mission to help women embody their sensual, sexual selves and create a sisterhood of empowered women who are ready to lead this world into the next dimension.

 Martine is a 4-dimensional bodyworker and coach for over 25 years. She studied with Dirk Oellibrandt in Belgium at the school for Life Projects. She is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and Certified Tantra Educator and was a co-teacher, staff, and healer for Divine Feminine Institute workshops.

Martine has studied with numerous world-class teachers including Master Mantak Chia. She has been on a path of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing and growth since 1993 and incorporates all her experiences into her bodywork, coaching, and teaching in the US and Europe.



Anna-Thea educates women on how to connect to the power and sacredness of their feminine side. Her online courses and Astrology readings are life changing.   

She is certified from the Divine Feminine Institute as both a Divine Feminine Educator and Spiritual Sexual Educator. Graduating with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, she also holds a double certification in yoga as a Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga instructor and taught yoga for many years. She now focuses her attention on astrology consults and Divine Feminine Education.

Using principles from her extensive studies in yoga, nutrition, psychology, astrology, numerology, and the Divine Feminine Institute she educates people on how to reclaim their bodies as sacred. Her book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” and her blog offer new insights and empowering perspectives on what it means to claim your sovereignty.

Her online courses and one-on-one Astrology readings are powerfully informative, and experientially transforming.