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Your sexual energy is your most potent untapped resource.

When you heal and celebrate your sexuality as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.


Attract connected, empowered relationships


Reclaim your voice and speak your truth


Illuminate your soul's true purpose


Activate your feminine power & presence


Reignite your vitality, passion, and aliveness


Heal sister-wounds in a unique, powerful way

We are building a community of wombyn who know they are here to be part of the awakening of the sacred feminine. Wombyn who embrace the power of feminine presence. Wombyn who have the courage to learn how to live full out and speak their truth. We welcome wombyn of all ages, colors, and nationalities and offer partial scholarships to wombyn from marginalized communities and developing countries who could not otherwise attend.

Online, In-Person, and Free Events

2022 will be Amrita’s final year of offering retreats!
Events will continue to be offered by Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators trained by Amrita

Intro Events

We host a quarterly free online global video sisterhood circle and occasionally present free introductory events. Everyone has a voice in our circles.

April 30, 2022


Sacred Feminine Conversations®
Free Global Online Sisterhood Circle

August 6, 2022


Our Final Sacred Feminine Conversations®
Free Global Online Sisterhood Circle

Introductory Online Course

The Secret Key to Abundance
No One is Talking About

6 Weeks to Transform Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Vitality Through The Power of The Feminine

The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness - The Alchemy of Abundance

Transform Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Vitality Through The Power of The Feminine

Weekend Workshops

A weekend workshop is a great way to experience Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® in a safe, sacred, feminine space. We guide you step by step, every step of the way. You’ll leave the weekend with a new perspective on your relationship with yourself and everyone in your life. You won’t find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else.

October 6-9, 2022

Bangor, PA

The Art & Soul of Sacred Sexual Healing for Wombyn
with Amrita & Marlaina WillowWynd

Weeklong Retreats

Take a deeper dive with Amrita and a range of amazing collaborators and co-teachers at a lovely retreat center or sacred site. A weeklong retreat is a great way to immerse into the Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® experience in a safe, sacred, feminine space with meals and lodging included. We guide you step by step, every step of the way. You’ll leave the retreat with a refreshed outlook on your entire life and with a new community of lifelong sisterhood. When you learn to receive, you open the door to receiving love, support, abundance, healing, passion, and vitality. You won’t find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else.

July 22-29, 2022

Glastonbury & The Chalice Well

The Sacred Feminine Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon
With Amrita Grace & Lalena Rose

September 2-9, 2022

Château Frandeux, Belgium

Sacred Feminine Initiation Retreat for Women
With Amrita Grace & Martine Florus

As a result of his powerful work, I have begun to awaken into the woman I know has been there all along – empowered, embodied, and so abundant with love and compassion for myself, for other women, and for all of humanity.

Sara Oakley, Boone NC EarthMamaBoone.com

This beautiful work frees us from our shame, trauma, fears, and guilt. The safe container created allows us to feel able to share, scream, and cry. We leave the workshop whole instead of keeping our same narrative. It allows us to start over and rewrite our story to break the chains.

Jacqueline, Emeryville, CA

I have never felt so held while working with the energy inside of me. And, I have never felt so seen and respected as myself including my energy self, my primal self, my feminine self, as well as my child self as I did in the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing workshop.

Leahanne Woods Smith leahanne.woods@yahoo.com

Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing strengthened my loving relationship with myself and my sexuality. I now feel like I understand in my body and my whole being what it means to be intimate, to connect, and to love in a much deeper way. I’m truly grateful for this healing work and recommend the experience to every woman of every age who wants to own and honor her sexuality.

Dale Sparage, CreativeCoreCoaching.com

Amrita presents a beautiful experience of connecting with our sisters and with our true self. She provides safety, presence, and compassion which allowed for me to go deeply into my inner realms and release beliefs and emotional blockages thus freeing me to step into my sheer authenticity and share it with myself and this exceptional group of women. I feel blessed to have been a participant in this work and witness the unfolding and blossoming of us all.

Benita Silver, Licensed Professional Couselor, CTE Asheville, NC WomanHeal.net

With so much hype and empty promises out in the world of healing, Amrita is the real thing. The work is deep and soft at the same time. The feminine has returned and Amrita has made it safe to reclaim. 

Kimberly Stokes, AshaStokes.com