Embody your authentic feminine power for a life filled with love, vitality, pleasure, and abundance

Dearest Sister,

My name is Amrita Grace, and I spent the first 20 years of my adult life stuck in difficult and challenging relationships that kept repeating the same patterns over and over. I was working hard and barely getting by… and frustrated that I could never quite find the right solution.

I kept digging into why my relationships weren’t working, why I was working so hard for so little return, and why I wasn’t feeling connected to the abundant flow of life, because I knew there had to be a much better way to live

That was when I discovered something that hardly anyone was talking about, let alone teaching: the power of sexual life force energy and how to harness that potent force to create a life way beyond what I could even imagine.

I learned that, contrary to common understanding, sexual energy is not just for sex. It actually feeds into every aspect of your life… your health, your vitality, your energy, your relationships, and even your money. I knew with crystal clarity that this was my life’s work and jumped right in to the certification training. 

Sexual energy is so much more than what we were taught, but because most people don’t know that, they either shut it down or let it run their lives without even realizing it. You’ve probably been taught that your sexual energy should be kept in a tiny box and only taken out for sex, but it’s simply not true. Sexual energy is actually the natural life energy that extends into every part of your being and empowers every aspect of your life.

The good news is, you can get access to a free flow of your life force energy no matter what your past experience has been. It supports you in creating positive changes in your relationships, your creative expression, and your vitality, and increases your capacity to receive abundance of all kinds.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could…

♥️ Easily attract empowered, connected relationships

♥️ Reignite your vitality, creativity, and passion for life

♥️ Clarify and embrace your true purpose

♥️ Let go of shame around your sexuality

♥️ Open to a life of abundance, freedom, and sovereignty


What would shift?

When I started to apply these principles, everything shifted. I went from 20 years of dysfunctional, painful relationships and living paycheck to paycheck to a joyful marriage, work that I love, a peaceful home, and the true abundance that comes from knowing how to let life all the way in. 

What made the difference was learning to use my feminine flow of sexual energy in a whole new way. It positively impacted every aspect of my life, and as a professional in this field for over 17 years, I can show you the way.

Amrita Grace

Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Fire

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With so much hype and empty promises out in the world of healing, Amrita is the real thing. The work is deep and soft at the same time. The feminine has returned and Amrita has made it safe to reclaim. ~Kimberly Stokes

This was the best gift I have ever given to myself, for myself. I had no idea what it would do for me or if it would even change me at all. I just knew I had to do it. And I have finally come home to my truest self. ~Meghan Francis, Boston MegFrancis.com

This is life-changing work. I will forever be grateful, for myself and for all women. The intention is so high and so deep, that miracles happen. ~ Sol, Sao Paulo, Brazil

You can’t fulfill your deepest desires without getting fully tapped in to your life force…

But once you access a free flow of life force energy,


You tap an endless well of creativity, vitality, and passion for life...


You’re available for the kind of relationship you’ve been longing for (whether you’re single or partnered)...


You can clear the blocks to receiving the flow of abundance that will fuel your impact and your freedom...


You can finally celebrate your life as it's meant to be, overflowing with joy and contentment.

Your sexual/pelvic center holds enormous power… from bringing forth life to pleasure far beyond your imagination. It’s also holding centuries of traumacultural, religious, personal, and ancestral. When you clear what no longer serves you, you are left with…

Your Essential, Authentic, Embodied Feminine Power.

Ready for the Next Level of Relationship...

A Magnet for All Kinds of Abundance...

Crystal Clarity of Your Soul's Purpose...

Healthy, Vital, and Alive!

The Solution is simple.

It’s powerful, accessible, fast, safe, gentle, and does not require you to re-live or talk about past events. Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® was created by women, for women.

We’ve got the Keys to the Queendom, Sister.

Once YOU have the Keys, you get to design the life you dream of.


How big can you dream?