The Sacred Feminine is Here to Stay | Amrita GraceThe Sacred Feminine. She’s been locked up. Torn down. Repressed. Mocked. Belittled. Shamed. Put in a cage, a box, in chastity belts, and in chains. She’s been raped, tortured, molested, and robbed. But she cannot be killed.

She went into hiding for a good long while. Centuries, eons, eras. Into hibernation, if you will, as humanity worked through its cycles, its collective karma. Well, guess what? She’s back.

The Sacred Feminine has been peeking through the veils for decades, whispering in the ears of those who would hear, reminding them of who they truly are. Who WE truly are.

And all of the systems and structures that have been built and fortified to keep her in her place are tumbling, crumbing, and sometimes crashing to the ground. And all those who would keep those systems in place are screaming bloody murder… it’s not fair, it’s not FAIR!

Such desperation, such fervor to uphold the broken patriarchal framework that no longer serves humanity, a humanity who is ready to mature. The masculine and feminine must unite, integrate, and support each other if we are to survive.

This isn’t about men versus women. We’ve had plenty of wars, and they continue to rage. This is about collaboration, cooperation, helping each other out instead of tearing each other down. Seems like it’s going to take a miracle.

If you hear her call, how will you carry her work forward in the face of such insanity, division, and extreme polarization? How will you be her face and her voice?

The Sacred Feminine has a thousand faces, a thousand voices. You are a unique being with unique skills and inclinations. You are she and she is you. Call upon her, ask her to express through you. Invoke her and listen, and she will come and whisper in your ear and show you the way that’s right for you.

She comes to full fruition through each of us. We must carry her torch every day, every moment, in every action, best as we can. Connect with her through nature, through stillness… become empty, and she will fill you up.

Remember who you truly are, a being of such magnitude and light, donning a human suit of skin and veiling your magnitude from yourself in order to learn and grow as a soul. Imagine it all (Earth life) as a vast stage upon which there are many actors playing out the parts they cast themselves for, playing out agreements and contracts intentionally forgotten.

Integration of the masculine and feminine principles in the world always begins within. What patriarchal structures exist within you that you don’t want to see? Are you willing to look? Are you willing to give those parts a voice? It’s so easy to see it in others, not so easy to see it in ourselves.

And the collective wounding around sexuality… driven underground eons ago by the very same patriarchy that seeks to keep The Sacred Feminine repressed. What parts of you have been sexually repressed, wounded, and shamed by religion, schooling, lack of education? Reclaiming sexual wholeness is the Big Work of our times, and I am happy to guide you through gently and safely in the spirit of the sacred feminine.

The Sacred Feminine is here to stay. I welcome her, invite her, invoke her, and offer my life as a grounding rod for her presence. And so it is. Blessed be.

Love & blessings, Amrita