Future Predictions | Amrita GraceDo you ever get the sense there’s a giant good vs evil story playing out, especially right now? Especially with all the future predictions being made?

I’ve had that feeling many times over the past few months, and I notice that there’s nothing clear or simple about it. It’s confusing, convoluted, and fraught with hidden agendas and slick, convincing conspiracy theories.

Having studied and taught the concept of “spiritual bypass,” I sometimes wonder if I need to have a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes the so-called evil aspects, and I’ve come to the conclusion, after watching a couple of those uber-convincing conspiracy theory videos, that I don’t.

Future predictions are meaningless

No one knows what the future holds. No one. If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, I hope we learned that! Therefore, any projections about what might happen in the future are pure fantasy. And yet, paradoxically, I believe that what we vision for the future is what we collectively create.

If you are paying attention to anyone’s future predictions, that’s exactly the future you’re helping to create. If you are railing against something you don’t want, that’s also the future you’re helping to create.

Resistance is futile

The time for fighting wars is over. The war on drugs, on crime, on cancer, on vaccines… the list goes on. As long as we fight-against, we empower that which we are fighting against. That bears repeating: As long as we fight-against, we empower that which we are fighting against.

Sheeple come in many forms. One of the most unrecognized is those who get lured into conspiracy theories and then adopt a point of view: that of the “believer/follower” or that of the “rebel/fighter,” and any number of others.

I invite you to release your points of view about everything. When you don’t have a point of view, you are free. Don’t take my word for it, test the theory for yourself!

To polarize is human

It’s normal human behavior to polarize things, to divide things into good/bad and right/wrong categories. But what if the “evil” is disguised as “good” and someone is convincing you that what’s “right” is actually “wrong”? How do you know?     

The only way to know for sure is to dismantle your opinions, judgments, projections, thoughts, beliefs, and presumptions and come back home to YOU. And when you are able to do that, you’ll realize that you can stand for what’s right and true for you, just by BEING that truth, by living your life from that grounded, centered, surrendered place. By not pushing against ANYTHING.

What you want, not what you don’t want

I’m know, more than ever, that I’m here to hold the light. I am keeping my own council, consulting my own inner guidance, and making my own decisions about how I want to vision the future that are not influenced by anyone else’s ideas of what that might look like. Because what I want to create cannot be defined by anything that’s happened before.

I continue to hold my personal vision of a future filled with love, connection, support, and care for everything and everyone on this planet, including the planet Herself, as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted in many places around the world.

One of the visions I’m holding right now is that 2021 will open new vistas of possibility for the rebirth and regeneration of our society and our planet.

What is your vision for the future?

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Love & blessings, Amrita