Attracting Abundance | Amrita Grace

What is Abundance?

Before we talk about attracting abundance, let’s start by defining what abundance is. It’s not just about money, although money is often the first thing people think of when they imagine abundance. What about the things that are more important than money, the things money can’t buy?

The number one thing that comes to my mind is health. When I feel good in my body, full of vitality and energy, I feel abundant.

The second thing is love. Every single day I count my blessings and feel so lucky to be in a relationship that is loving, affectionate, connected, supportive, passionate, and downright fun. From my perspective, that is true abundance.

The third thing is contentment. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction with my life, even though it’s been incredibly hard and painful at times in my past. I feel empowered to work through anything that happens. Anything at all. Not only does that feel like abundance to me, it tells me that abundance is an inside game.

One Foot on the Gas, One Foot on the Brakes

Do you have any sense of all the unconscious ways in which you block the flow of abundance? What about those messages from childhood or even from adulthood that sound like “It’s better to give than receive”? Those messages around giving to others first and not being selfish? Yeah, those messages can get pretty stuck and end up driving our actions without our conscious awareness. On some level we say “no” to the things we dearly desire. It’s like having a foot on the gas and a foot on the brakes at the same time.

We are simply not taught how to receive. And if we don’t know how to receive, we block the flow of abundance. We block the flow of intimacy… of joy… of ease… we even block the flow of money.

Instead, we learn sacrifice… martyrdom… servitude… giving from empty. And that leads straight to resentment, burnout, health issues… you know what I’m talking about.

The Deceptively Simple Truth to Attracting Abundance

If you want to be abundant, you’ve got to learn how to receive. I learned this the hard way… as a young adult, I was fiercely independent and didn’t need ANYONE. It was a source of martyr-like pride to me that I was the main financial support in both my early marriages through my 20’s and 30’s. I perfectly copied what my mom modeled for me. It was quite the suit of armor I was dressed up in.

Learning to receive was a process for me (a recovering control freak), but that process showed me what’s possible when I let the armor fall away and allowed others to gift me. My heart softened and opened. I slowly let go of the driving sense of obligation to reciprocate. And that process eventually showed me how powerful it is to invite and allow abundance.

Breathing = Receiving

What attracting abundance comes down to is learning to receive, which is easier said than done. It’s just like breathing… each time you inhale, you receive life-giving breath and SO MUCH more. Tuning into the receiving quality of your breath is a powerful way to learn to receive. I told you it was deceptively simple! Subtle, but oh, so powerful.

When you know how to receive with grace, your self-esteem rises. Your self-respect soars. The ultimate self-love gift you can give yourself is learning to receive.

When you open your receiving channels, what you most desire find a place to “land” in your being! It’s truly THAT SIMPLE. 

Surrender is not Optional

But how? How to overcome eons of cultural, religious, educational, and collective conditioning? How to surrender and be that vulnerable? And how to not be the one in control?

I can teach you how in as little as one weekend with an experiential practice of receiving that will integrate deeply into your body and open channels of energy flow that may have been shut down your entire life. In a safe, sacred sisterhood circle. Fully guided, step by step. This is not like ANYTHING you’ve experienced before. I promise you that.

Give yourself this priceless gift… from you to you. A gift that pays off in attracting abundance for the rest of your life. If you prefer to stay home, I offer a unique, multi-faceted self-guided online course: The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness-The Alchemy of Abundance. And here’s a 20% off coupon code for you: amrita20

Love and blessings, Amrita