Amrita Grace, High PriestessIf you’ve been tuned in to this blog at all, you’ll know that the last 6 posts have been about Mary Magdalene. Now, the next rose petal has been elegantly delivered to me and invited to rise fully into my conscious awareness.


A Bigger Picture


Magdalene is so much more than a biblical character. Enter The Magdalene as an Order of Consciousness. On some level I knew that, but my connection with the Marys, Yeshua, and Anna (his grandmother) as individuals had to be well-established first before I was ready to integrate the bigger picture. When I got it, it was a bit of a facepalm moment. And yet, I’ve been working with this much bigger energy for years without having this particular name for it. For me, it’s been “the divine feminine” and “the sacred feminine.”


Are You a Magdalene?


The delivery came via Catherine Ann Clemett’s book, published in 2018, called Are You a Magdalene?: Discovering Your Divine Feminine Heritage and Purpose. This tiny tome takes only 40 minutes to read, but within the first paragraph, I was buzzing with energy and feeling and speaking a resounding YES! I Am! As I read the rest of the book, the puzzle pieces fell into place: here is an excerpt:
“The Magdalenes, as group consciousness, have existed since the beginning of the planet and even existed before the creation of the planet. They have been present in every age and every culture on the planet under many different names and labels. The feminine aspect of the Magdalenes in Egyptian times were known as The Daughters of Isis. The Magdalenes have shown me they are part of an interdimensional race whose purpose is to ‘seed the light’. They bring the light into the deepest darkest places so that the light will not go out, often where no one else will go.”


An Arrow Shot From the Bow


This widened my perception even further, and I feel plugged in to an even larger energy than I previously realized I had access to. This is a LINEAGE. My lineage. OUR Lineage. Like an arrow shot from a bow, I already know exactly why I’m here, in this time, in this life, and I’m fully aligned and on purpose with a global vision and the full support of the unseen realms. I know in my cells that we are being called to RISE. To rise into our full potential and meet our divinity. It’s never been as clear and simple as it is right now. No more intermediaries, no more separation… we ARE the Divine.


The Sacred Land of Avalon


Whether you have followed a path of initiation or ordination or not, you are already a Priestess, and you bring forward the wisdom of many lifetimes into the sacred now. So what do you do with that information? The feminine sexual mysteries that have been quietly kept for millennia are rising to be whispered in your ear and consciously expanded into our modern world. The secrets are being revealed and the path illuminated… the time of rebirth and resurrection is at hand. I, an ordained High Priestess since 2003, am heeding the call to BE an overflowing chalice for this potent magic, along with my co-facilitator Martine Florus in the mystical land of Avalon… one of the places very sacred to The Magdalene Order of Consciousness.
If you are called to Avalon, you are being called HOME to receive and integrate these sacred mysteries that are vital for the healing and wholeness of our Mother Gaia and Her people.


In Mary’s Footsteps


Walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and their enlightened ancestors as you re-weave the sacred balance of masculine and feminine within your body and heart. Receive alchemical initiations and transmissions that will bring you into the wholeness you’ve been preparing for your entire life. Rise fully into the powerful priestess you’ve always known yourself to be. It is both your right and your responsibility.
If this calls to you, we are gathering June 28-July 5, 2024 in Glastonbury at Earth Spirit Retreat Centre with private access ceremonial pilgrimages to the Chalice Well and the White Spring for The Sacred Feminine Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon. If you know you are called, don’t miss this opportunity. This is the only retreat of its kind anywhere in the world and will be my final retreat in Glastonbury.
The UK is fully open post-covid… no testing, passenger locator forms, or vax required. Once you make the commitment, the way is shown… the resources show up… the doors fly open! It’s time for the Magdalene Order of Consciousness to RISE.
With deep love and devotion, Amrita