Awakening the sacred feminine, our own inner sacred female, is one of the most potent ways to help our planet rise to its full divinity. Have you noticed how our experience of living during these times seem to intensify with each passing year? The need for balance in all things is being revealed as our global community experiences turbulent weather pattern shifts, increasing political unrest, and an epidemic of emerging sexual shadow and novel viruses. How can we take full responsibility for our own lives and creations? By awakening our own sacred divine feminine which resides inside each of us, no matter our gender.

Begin within

The integration of the Sacred Feminine calls for balance right at the root of things – in our own bodies, relationships, and homes. Deeply loving, conscious, compassionate connection to ourselves and to those we love is the first step toward creating balance in the collective consciousness. We become powerful examples for others when we practice elevating our own lives and relationships to the highest level of integrity and communication.

What is the Sacred Feminine?

Are you wondering what the Sacred Feminine or Divine Feminine really is? There are uncountable definitions, as there are uncountable faces and facets of this consciousness. The definitions range from the mystical to the practical. My dear friend and colleague, Anna-Thea, takes it right to our bodies in her article What is the Divine Feminine. For a more mystical definition, refer to my article What is the Sacred Feminine.

The new Sacred Feminine is not the matriarchy of the past, nor does it seek to override the current patriarchal rule. It is a new paradigm of honoring the Feminine within everything: ourselves, whether we are male, female, or non-binary; the earth and all her elements and inhabitants; and each other, regardless of race, gender, economic status, or lifestyle. The Sacred Feminine brings us the yin qualities of receiving, openness, restfulness, repose, and reflection. Combined with the yang (Sacred Masculine) qualities of giving, action, and accomplishment, a balance of give-and-take emerges and creates harmony within and without.

Calling Her forth in yourself

If you don’t yet know how to get in touch with divine feminine goddess within you, read on. I’ll offer you some very simple and specific ways to invite these powerful archetypal energies into your life and enhance the rising energies. There are so many benefits to taking these simple steps, such as a lower level of stress, a higher level of energy and vitality, a calming effect on your nervous system, an opportunity for fixed beliefs that no longer serve you to be released, and an energetic opening that allows more abundance to flow to you.

Six Ways to Engage Your Sacred Feminine


Connect with the Earth

  1. Go outside and connect with Mother Gaia. Acknowledge her as a living being. Talk with her and listen to her answers. Send her blessings and love. Find joy and beauty in the nature around you, even if you have to hunt for it by going to a public park or garden. Everything on this earth contains consciousness: the sky, the stars, the moon, the plants, the creatures, the rocks, and even the dirt. Walk barefoot whenever possible to allow the wisdom and healing frequencies of the Earth to enter your body, to soothe and heal you, and to bring you into a place of wholeness. 

Open the Channels

  1. Open your energy channels to the earth and the sky. Your spinal column is a channel for energy that can be invited up from the Earth through your feet and the base of your spine and be sent up into the realms of spirit through the crown chakra and drawn back down into the Earth. You can run this energy through all your energy centers, increasing your vitality and connection with life. If you don’t know how to do this, just make up a “pretend” way to do it, and you’ll eventually find that you are actually doing it!

Turn up the Energy Volume 

  1. Embody your Shakti. Shakti is your creative life-force energy, and it’s so much more than sexual energy. You may have to clear out some old beliefs, sexual trauma, and stuck energy to fully access your life-force energy, but it’s totally worth it! Whether you have an intimate partner or not, you can use this abundant resource to revitalize and heal your body and fuel your passion and creativity.

Self-Healing is Planetary Healing

  1. We are taught that it’s better to give than to receive, that it’s better to take care of others than ourselves. This is outdated information and it’s time to turn it around. Instead, heal yourself first rather than focusing on “healing” others. In truth, you can’t heal anyone but yourself anyway. And you certainly can’t help anyone else when you are running on empty. Fill your own cup to overflowing and you’ll have something to offer others. Paradoxically, because we are all connected, what each of us does individually impacts everyone. Paying attention to your own divine feminine healing first and foremost prepares you to give more fully of yourself from a place of inner balance and abundance.

Gather in Circle

  1. Connect with others of like-heart. Gather together with others in sacred space where you can share your truest self. See, recognize, and acknowledge the essential divinity in yourself, in others, and in all of life. One option is to gather a circle of women and trade off the leadership role with each gathering. I call this “passing power around the circle” and it’s a great way to get started and not have all the responsibility fall on one person. Everyone will be at a different level of leadership capacity, so be patient with each person’s leadership contribution. Practice non-judgment, acceptance, and unconditional love for others and the same will come toward you. 

The Collective Sexual Wounding 

  1. Because of the impact of religion, advertising, and porn culture, sexual wounding is deeply embedded in the collective. We carry sexual wounding from our past lives, from our lineages, and from the commodification of sex that we are exposed to from a very young age through advertising, TV, and movies. Even if you were never molested and don’t think you’ve been sexually harmed, there’s no escaping the impact of a sexually wounded society. The prevalence of shame, embarrassment, and “sinfulness” around sexuality that has been perpetuated by almost every major religion for eons has made a significant contribution to our societal sexual wounding. 

It’s Time to Heal and Integrate

Now that the sexual shadow that’s been lurking below the surface of our collective conscious awareness is rising in full force, we have the opportunity to claim our wholeness. Anytime hidden shadows are revealed, it’s an opportunity to reclaim the unwanted and unloved parts of ourselves. And while it’s easy to point fingers and blame the “villains,” we each carry our own “villain” aspect within us. Everything that shows up in the collective is an out-picturing of our inner reality… we each carry it all. 

But… How? 

Take steps to address and clear your sexual wounding with our feminine sexual healing retreats. Because sexual healing is an unregulated field, it’s important to find teachers and practitioners who are highly trained and experienced and hold a very high standard of integrity. Anyone can hang a shingle that says “sexual healer,” but that does not mean that they have done their own work or meet any particular standards of quality. The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® is leading the way in the field of sexual healing with the highest standards of integrity, safety, and training requirements for our facilitators. If you feel called to deeply embody your inner sacred feminine, check out our in-person, and online events and let’s clear the way for you to fully embrace all you are here to be.

Your Beautiful Inner Gifts

The time for divine feminine healing and the new Sacred Feminine awakening is upon us, and now is the time to assist and support each other through the accelerating changes of our era. These are the times we chose to be born into, and it’s up to each of us individually and collectively to take responsibility for the reality we are creating. The first step on the path is to acknowledge and use the unique inner gifts and treasures we each brought in to this life with us… to develop those gifts fully and authentically… and to recognize the gifts that those around us are bringing.  

Please share your personal practices for connecting with your inner feminine in the comments.

Love & blessings, Amrita