The Emergence of Sexual Empowerment | Amrita GraceA new generation of feminine sexual empowerment is rapidly on the rise. As women step up and speak their truth about sexual harassment and abuse, they claim their sexual sovereignty. But what about the impact of all that sexual wounding? It doesn’t just vanish.

On the contrary, it gets stored in our bodies and energy fields. In some cases, it eventually manifests as disease or illness. As our culture rises up against sexual misconduct, we must rise up and clear out the residue in ourselves.

Much of it gets stored in the second chakra or sexual/sacral center. This energy center is the root source of our financial, sexual, creative, and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life, to pleasure far beyond imagination. It’s also holding centuries of trauma… cultural, personal, and ancestral. It rarely gets addressed in traditional healing work, for good reason. It’s time for a new paradigm.

The rising tide of women’s sexual empowerment has put a spotlight on the need for sacred sexual healing and awakening. The Sacred Feminine Mystery School is answering that need. We provide retreats for women who want a safe place to heal their sexuality in sacred sisterhood circles. Our Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators® are empowered to work with people of all genders in the art of Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing®.

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School was created by women, for women, and specifically designed to lovingly transmit Women’s Sexual Mysteries and to awaken and heal feminine sexuality. We are building a global community of women who bring impeccable integrity and safety to releasing and healing that which holds us back from our fully-expressed, joyfully abundant selves. Together, we are embodying and advocating a new generation of feminine empowerment.

We’ve spent more than a decade refining our signature Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing practices into a graceful, accessible, divinely feminine body of work. You won’t find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else!

The Sacred Feminine is rising and calling YOU to your highest soul alignment. There is no more time to waste. She is calling forth her Priestesses to take a stand for Awakening and Healing right now. Once you activate your personal sexual healing and awakening, you become a Chalice that overflows with radiance and wholeness and impacts the entire web of our existence – a Vessel of awakening and healing for everyone you come into contact with.

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