The Sacred Inner Masculine | Amrita GraceThe sacred feminine is balanced by her counterpart, the sacred masculine. Rather than being outside of yourself, the sacred masculine is part of you. People of every gender carry both feminine and masculine energies inside of them; some people lean more into their feminine sides and some more into their masculine sides. The 20th century, with the rise of feminism and equality, brought more women into their masculine and into competition with men, driving some of the qualities of both masculine and feminine into the shadow. 

Has the shadow masculine aspect become dominant in running your life?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Am I an overachiever, a doer, and an accomplisher?

Do I ever feel aggressive or competitive?

Is my self-worth tied up with my achievements?

Has the shadow feminine aspect become dominant in running your life?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Do I often need to be “rescued”?

Do I ever feel helpless or dependent?

Do I have problems with giving, wanting only to receive?

The sacred feminine path is the antidote to being run by the shadow aspects of masculine and feminine, which naturally arise in varying amounts in people of all genders throughout their lives. With awareness and practice, it’s possible to shine a light on the shadow aspects and invite healthy, dormant qualities forward, bringing balance to your masculine and feminine sides.

Meet Your Inner Masculine

Set aside 20-30 minutes for this visualization/inner journey. Get really comfortable either sitting or lying down. Imagine yourself walking down a path, noticing whatever emerges around you as you walk. It might be trees or a beach or rocks or even something you don’t recognize. Eventually, you come to a meadow or clearing, and you see that there’s a park bench in the clearing. Head to the bench and sit down. Take a deep breath and relax on the bench. Invite your inner masculine to join you in the clearing. You can either speak the invitation out loud or say it internally.

Now simply be with whatever unfolds. You might see, hear, smell, or feel something, or you might “just know” he is there. He may come in a different form than you expect… an animal, a fictional character, or even a symbol or metaphor. Ask him if he is your inner masculine. If he says yes, ask him about himself: how he feels, what he needs, how you can best connect with him. If he says no, ask whomever it is to help you locate your inner masculine.

Ask him if he would like to make a deeper connection and support a state of wholeness and balance in your being. If he is not interested or says no, ask him why. Be curious and allow space for him to express his needs, concerns, and feelings. Ask for his support in ways you need support from the masculine. Be patient, as sometime the inner masculine will be reticent after decades of not being acknowledged.

If he says yes, and you want this too, invite him into a ceremonial sacred inner marriage for the purpose of harmonizing the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. If he agrees to the sacred inner marriage, let him know that will happen in a separate ceremony.

As you part ways, bow in Namaste or hug or do whatever feels good to honor the newly established connection and then take the path back in the direction you came from. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Self-Reflection Questions

What does my inner masculine look like, feel like, sound like, and/or smell like?

What color or shape did he take? Did his color or shape change during the encounter?

How did he respond to my questions?

What kinds of support did I ask for?

I invite you to share your answers in the comments section.

Love & blessings, Amrita

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