Glastonbury 2023 Resources

Retreat Feedback Online Form

Testimonial Online Form

Shamanic Breathwork Journeys
The volume comes down toward the end. A song with English words plays last to bring you back. (Downloadable)

Mysterious Island (Morning Set)

Hearts on Fire (Afternoon Set)

Chakra Wisdom Meditation
The moving chakra meditation from the first day can be purchased from Lokita Carter’s website.

Spotify Playlist
The songs that moved us through the days of our precious time in Avalon.

Martine’s Website
Dolphin Journey October 15-22, 2023
(sold out)
If you are interested in Dolphin Journeys for 2024, email Martine.

Contact List
Feel free to edit/update your info as needed and add your website if you have one.

Additional Links
13 Moon Oracle
by Ariel Spilsbury (full set, you can get the cards only here)
The Crystal Wand

Recording for the 3rd Bonus Call on August 6, 2023

Zoom Gathering #3 Video

Recording for the 2nd Bonus Call on July 22, 2023

Zoom Gathering #2 Video

Recording for the 1st Bonus Call on June 10, 2023

Zoom Gathering #1 Video