Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® for Women
Level 1 & 2

March 6-8, 2020
Chapel Hill, NC

What happens in a Level 1 & 2 workshop?

As you enter the Sacred Feminine Women’s Temple, you’ll feel the presence of the archetypal feminine in her many faces and moods. From the reverent Priestess to the mystical Midwife to fierce Kali to regal Queenwe welcome all of you.

You’ll be in awe of the deep sisterhood bonds that develop rapidly as ancient patterns of feminine relating fall away in safe, potent, sacred space. Patterns that are rooted in the Burning Times, when women were punished for their intuition and healing abilities and forced to turn each other in to the “authorities” to save their own families.

We co-create a foundation of conscious communication, presence with yourself and others, and empowered boundaries. You will learn and practice three distinct roles–facilitating, receiving, and witnessing–in the potent body of work globally celebrated as Sexual Awakening and Healing® aka The AH Practice®. We start with Level 1, the fully clothed energy practice, on Friday morning.

On Saturday, you’ll be guided step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity into the Level 2 Women’s Temple sacred sexual healing practices, Sacred Spot (Internal Yoni) Touch. This is not “yoni massage,” it is presence- and stillness-based healing touch without agenda. 

On Sunday, we release, ground, and integrate all the energy you’ve moved through. You’ll also learn the individual Self AH Practice to take home with you. You will walk out of the Women’s Temple a brand new feminine being… beyond anything you can imagine.

Together, we are creating a New Paradigm of Feminine Embodiment & Presence!

Workshop Details

Dates: March 6-8, 2020

Friday & Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm  


Retreat center in Chapel Hill. Details will be shared upon registration. We’ll be in a cozy, private space with easy access to restrooms and a full kitchen.


Shared bunk-style lodging is available for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at $40 per night with full kitchen access. Bring your own towels, bedding, and pillow.


Tuition is $797. Partial scholarships are available for committed participants… please contact Amrita to inquire by March 1st. $100 deposit is non-refundable and tuition balance is due by March 1st.

Refund Policy:

No refunds after February 15th, though your tuition may be transferred to another Sacred Feminine Mystery School® workshop within one year (less a $100 admin fee). No refunds for partial attendance.

What women are saying about our weekend workshops:

This experience was an “AH” HA moment from beginning to end. A most safe container to be able to surrender a lifetime of stuffed, trapped traumas and emotions. Life affirming and life changing! I highly recommend this work for women, girls, for everyone. Amrita Grace is one of the most centered, focused, genuine, heartfelt leaders I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with. This is the most important work one can do.

R Schaffer

Through the AH Practice, I have claimed my bodily sovereignty. I accessed repressed emotions and sensations and gave them a voice, more fiercly than I knew was in me. I have longed for such a safe container to express the fullness of my experiences all my life and now feel lighter and sense the movement of energy and life force flowing effortlessly. It is such a powerful practice of presence that I know in my bones I was born to experience and to transmit to other women. Women gently healing women is where it’s at!

Sandra G, Boston MA

This work is amazing. Gentle, precise; releasing the deeply held hurts and revealing the desire to be here fully in my body. The community, the sacred space, and the deep connection to myself and others is so beautiful… it is beyond words. I’m feeling so much appreciation and love for Amrita and her teachers for bringing this to the world.

Karen Feeley, Olympia WA

Having always had issues with receiving I knew my 2nd chakra was blocked. Through this work, I was able to feel truly safe and allow all my emotions, hurt, anger, and feeling pretty pissed off out. At the end of the session and workshop, I could finally feel my 2nd chakra open like a flower blossoming.


I came to this workshop with a lifetime of feeling as if I witnessed my own femininity through a thick and clouded window. I could not access my own sense of wholeness, vitality, and sexuality, instead, feeling like an outsider in the sisterhood of women. How, after decades of working on myself, had I missed this critical piece which Amrita’s work addresses? I have been put back into myself, honor the courage in my and the constellation of women who gathered to make this very safe, sacred experience healing. I’m in for the long vision for myself and for our world.

Gloria V

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing was exactly what I needed to take the next step to exploring deeper aspects of my Sacred Sexual Feminine. Yes, I was nervous stepping into this, I felt vulnerable but deeply trusted Amrita, as she was recommended by a dear sister who worked with her. It took a few more years for me to be “ready,” timing is everything. The workshop is profound, deeply healing and Amrita creates a safe, sacred container in which to feel supported  to dive in, let go, and release. I am leaving refreshed and reawakened to my Sacred Feminine.

Sheri Gaynor

Creative Awakenings International,

It’s the final day of the workshop. My mind is blown, my body is awakening. I’ve found a group of sisters I can always turn to. Amrita provided such a feeling of safety and love, and made it easy to explore the hard stuff of my past. I have hope again.


This is my third experience of AH work and the healing continues in its profound and subtle ways. Being held and witnessed by other women was so safe for me. I felt many emotions and in the end peace, well-being and love lingered. I am grateful for this dynamic work.

VW, Boulder

This was a potent retreat that uses simple techniques that help women access their trauma that is held in their body and release it. I found this work much more effective than traditional therapy. The retreat provides a safe container for healing and emotional release.

Sarvin T, Denver

Registration closes March 1, 2020.