For women ready to embody your authentic power, discover your soul destiny, and be held in a sacred sisterhood that supports your greatest vision …

The Sacred Feminine

All-Inclusive Retreat for Women

Château Frandeux Belgium

(This retreat has been cancelled)

The Sacred Feminine Mysteries

The sacred mysteries that have been quietly kept for millennia are rising to be whispered in your ear, fully revealed, and consciously expanded into our modern world.

You are being called HOME to your body temple to receive and integrate these sacred mysteries that are vital for the healing and wholeness of ourselves and our Mother Gaia.   

At this momentous time in our world, it’s imperative to re-weave the sacred balance of masculine and feminine within your body and heart.

Receive the alchemical initiations and transmissions that will bring you into the wholeness you’ve been preparing for your entire life. 

Rise fully into the empowered woman
you’ve always know
n yourself to be.

The 5 Keys to Sexual Wholeness | Amrita Grace

The Missing Piece

Women’s sexual mysteries have been hidden away for eons as well, and we’ve all paid a price for the repression of our birthright: full access to our divine life force energy. With expert guidance in safe, sacred space, you’ll reclaim your true feminine power.

Rediscover, liberate, and embody every part of your true life’s potential, all that you came here to be. This is the leading edge of personal growth and development, the missing piece.

No prior experience required… just a willingness to learn how to turn up the volume on your authentic presence, pleasure, healing, and fulfillment!


Do you know that your sexual energy is your most potent untapped resource?

If you have not addressed your sexual healing, you’re probably falling short of your potential to attract and receive the things that are most important to you…

…like high-quality relationshipsvitality, passion for lifeand the abundance you absolutely deserve.

As women, we carry it all in our bodies, especially in our pelvic regioncultural, religious, and sexual shame and wounding, passed down through the generations. Most women aren’t fully aware of the impact this has on their health, their relationships, and their capacity to receive money and other forms of abundance.

When you heal and celebrate your sexuality as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.


Attract connected, empowered, supportive relationships


Reclaim your voice and speak your truth


Illuminate your true calling and soul path


Reignite your juicy vitality, joyful creativity, and passionate aliveness


Activate your next level of feminine power and presence


Deepen your connection to your personal divine guidance


Strengthen sisterhood bonds in a unique, powerful way

The potency and power of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® is revealed in our 5-Minute Documentary.

Profound praise from our participants…

I came to this workshop with a lifetime of feeling as if I witnessed my own femininity through a thick and clouded window. I could not access my own sense of wholeness, vitality, and sexuality; instead, feeling like an outsider in the sisterhood of women. How, after decades of working on myself, had I missed this critical piece which Amrita’s work addresses? I have been put back into myself, honor the courage in me and the constellation of women who gathered to make this very safe, sacred experience healing. I’m in for the long vision for myself and for our world.

Gloria V

Martine has the gift to embrace the group with all her love, wisdom and expertise. Without pressure or control she allows women to connect among themselves, making their strength, love and energy flow exponentially. This effect is still felt for days, weeks after the retreat. I feel reborn, charged, connected, energetic, in the flow.

Gerdy Swennen

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing was exactly what I needed to take the next step to exploring deeper aspects of my Sacred Sexual Feminine. Yes, I was nervous stepping into this; I felt vulnerable, but deeply trusted Amrita as she was recommended by a dear sister who worked with her. It took a few more years for me to be “ready,” timing is everything. The workshop is profound, deeply healing and Amrita creates a safe, sacred container in which to feel supported  to dive in, let go, and release. I am leaving refreshed and reawakened to my Sacred Feminine.

Sheri Gaynor, Creative Awakenings International

This Retreat is perfect for you if you are ready to


Find your Voice and Speak your Truth


Fully access your Spiritual Power and Presence


Empower your Magnetic Feminine Abundance


Unite your Body, Mind, and Heart


Celebrate the Union of Sexuality and Spirituality


Immerse in Supportive Sisterhood


Activate your Birthright of Vitality and Energy


Deepen your capacity to hold Safe, Sacred Space


Tap an Endless Source of Creative Power


Know what True Confidence is at any age!

Creating New Ways to Gather: 7 Powerful, Positive Guidelines | Amrita Grace

Sacred Sisterhood

Creating New Ways to Gather: 7 Powerful, Positive Guidelines | Amrita Grace

The Powerful “AH” Ritual

What You’ll Receive


Lodging in a beautiful Chateau on a lake


Healthy catered meals to nourish your being


Yoga & Chi Kung to enrich your spirit


Delicious Dance to embody your sensuality


Embodiment Practices to revitalize your energy


Breathwork to clarify your inner truth


Mystical Transmissions to activate your awareness


Beautiful nature to engage your senses


Fully guided Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® (AH)


to evolve your sexual consciousness


to empower sisterhood healing


to activate your feminine power & presence


to liberate & release blocks to your freedom


to transcend whatever is holding you back!

This retreat is NOT for you if…


You don't want to invest in yourself


You'd like to stay in your comfort zone


You're not interested in sacred feminine mysteries


You're fine with your life as it is and don't welcome change


You prefer not to dive deeply into your own being

I am Latin, born in a very conservative environment where the woman’s body needs to be hidden because it is the reason why men sin. I hated my body deep inside. This retreat made a change. My body, every part of it, is sacred. It deserves to be loved, touched, and listened to. I am my body, my body is the sacred Temple where my soul lives this life.

Flori Salcedo, Peru

This workshop has allowed me to connect with my depth as a woman and the unconditional love for myself. This has opened the way for connection with my most beautiful soft power. To feel this power was so liberating and opening. Anchoring with a primal source. The experience has brought me closer to myself and to a space within myself that I can now explore further. This is a tremendous healing workshop that I recommend every woman to experience. Life changing! Martine who so lovingly and powerfully opens the field, carries, shares her wisdom and knowledge in her authentic style and flow. I felt very safe, my boundaries were respected. There was also room to share your experiences and/or emotions, to become quiet, to connect with yourself. Everything fit together so nicely. Valuable and remembered forever!

Valérie Bernard

This work is amazing. Gentle, precise; releasing the deeply held hurts and revealing the desire to be here fully in my body. The community, the sacred space, and the deep connection to myself and others is so beautiful… it is beyond words. I’m feeling so much appreciation and love for Amrita and her teachers for bringing this to the world.

Karen Feeley, Olympia WA

Women from around the world share their experiences…

“Miracles happen”

“Such a safe, sacred container.”

“Every woman needs to go through this.”

When women gather in sacred circle, incredible healing unfolds. When women learn how to hold space for each other’s sexual healing and awakening, big magic happens. This is the missing piece in most personal growth workshops.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to be guided through facilitating, receiving, and supporting Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® Sacred Spot (Internal Yoni) Touch, as well as the fully-clothed energy work featured in the image above. The internal touch is not “yoni massage,” it is presence- and stillness-based healing touch without agenda. Amrita and Martine will guide you step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity.


What makes The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® different from other Sacred Sexuality Schools?

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School was specifically designed to lovingly transmit women’s sexual mysteries and to awaken and heal feminine sexuality. It was created by women, for women.

So much of what is being taught in the realm of sacred sexuality and tantra has originated from masculine traditions and is geared toward men. As women, we have a completely different experience of how sexual energy dances in our bodies.

There are lots of schools and individuals teaching a wide range of questionable sexuality practices in the unregulated field of spiritual sexual education. In The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, we value, embody, uphold, and teach with impeccable standards and ethics during our retreats. We create the safest of spaces for you so you can relax and trust the process.

We’ve spent over 15 years refining our signature Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® practices into a graceful, accessible, divinely feminine body of work. You won’t find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else!

What's included in the tuiton?

The tuition includes

  • 7 night’s shared lodging in a beautiful Château
    (single rooms available at additional cost)
  • Healthy, catered meals
  • The Sacred Feminine Initiation Program (6 full days)
  • 3 highly experienced facilitators
  • All materials and supplies
  • A supportive bonus collection
Is there a payment plan available?

Once you’ve made your $350 US deposit, the payment schedule is as follows:

• A payment of $600 is due March 31, 2022

• A payment of $600 is due May 30, 2022

• Balance is due no later than August 1, 2022

If you would like to be on a monthly interest-free automatic credit card payment plan instead, we are happy to set that up for you once you make your deposit. Final payment due by August 15, 2022.

Is there an early-bird discount?


The Super Early Bird Tuition is available through 
April 30, 2021
≈€1797 ($2087 US)

The Early Bird Tuition is available through July 31, 2022
≈€1997 ($2320 US)

Regular tuition starts August 1, 2022
€2197 ($2497 US)

Are there scholarships available?

We’ve priced this retreat considerably lower than our usual weeklong retreat rate to make it very accessible. That being said, investing in yourself is a powerful path to real healing and change. It’s a strong motivator to dive fully into the process and do all the work. We have found, over and over, that when people pay reduced prices for a high-level retreat such as this, they don’t value it as highly. Our experience has been that they either don’t participate fully or they create unconscious disturbances in the container. If you truly want to experience potent transformation in your life, make the commitment and trust in your ability to manifest the money. It’s about prioritizing what matters most to you. Once you make the commitment, the way will be shown. That being said, if you are BIPOC or part of a marginalized community and need support to attend, we may be able to assist with a small partial scholarship. Email Amrita to inquire.

We will gather at

Château Frandeux

in Mont-Gauthier, Belgium

The Domain of Château Frandeux is situated on the outskirts of the Belgian Ardennes, in the region “Les Famennes” and belongs to the province of Namur in Wallonia.

The area is also called “the Valley Country,” a land of castles with a rich and varied heritage. The village of Frandeux is formed by some 40 houses and is situated in the valley of the Vachau, about 6 km from Rochefort.

Meet Your Facilitators

Amrita Grace

Amrita has been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led womxn into their authentic, embodied personal power since 2000 so they can live the fulfilled and inspired lives they dream of. An ordained high priestess and Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Amrita’s 20+ year path as a spiritual teacher has always been bold and leading-edge.

Co-founder and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School®, Amrita is the award-winning, bestselling author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator, Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher, and Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator.

Amrita brings her background in sacred space creation, ecstatic dance, and conscious communication to the mix along with her impeccable attention to detail and her unbridled enthusiasm for living a vibrant, authentic, magical life.

Martine Florus

Martine is passionate about guiding people back into unconditional love and speaking their truth. Her own path to self-love and inner peace led her around the world. One of her most profound healings happened on Maui while attending her first training in The AH Practice®. Ever since that moment she’s made it her life’s mission to help womxn embody their sensual, sexual selves and create a sisterhood of empowered womxn who are ready to lead this world into the next dimension.

Martine is a 4-dimensional bodyworker and coach for over 24 years. She studied with Dirk Oellibrandt in Belgium at the school for Life Projects. She is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and Certified Tantra Educator and was a co-teacher, staff, and healer for Divine Feminine Institute workshops.

Martine has studied with numerous world-class teachers including Master Mantak Chia. She has been on a path of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing and growth since 1993 and incorporates all her experiences into her bodywork, coaching, and teaching in the US and Europe. Martine currently resides in Belgium.


these two women are a force of nature with a deep commitment to the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.

Martine & Amrita, Facilitators

Guest Teacher ~ Hilde Broeckhove

Hilde Broeckhove encountered her passion for movement at a very young age, studying dance and performing in contemporary dance projects, street theatre, and somatic interactive theatre. She later studies 4 dimentional bodywork, Meridian Chi Kung, and Healing Tao with an emphasis on sensitivity, intuition, and self development as the keys to understanding the Body/Mind relationship in human beings.

She shares the Tao yoga principles in her yoga and bodywork and is also touched by and honours the true Indian yoga and tantra tradition.

Her mission is to initiate people in the awakening of their body consciousness, inner wisdom, and creative potential, bridging Eastern and Western movement principles and wisdom.

She founded Bewust Bewegen, her studio for Chi Kung , Tao yoga, and bodywork in 2007 and regularly collaborates with colleagues for teaching projects.

Bonus Collection

The Sacred Feminine Path to Sexual Wholeness-The Alchemy of Abundance

Value $497

This comprehensive introductory multi-media self-study course will prepare you beautifully for The Sacred Feminine Initiation.

Module 1: Unveiling the Magic of the Sacred Feminine
Module 2: Deepening into Your Body and the Earth
Module 3: Transmuting Pain into Power
Module 4: Revealing the Expansiveness of Your Heart
Module 5: Exploring New Worlds through Inner Vision
Module 6: Reclaiming Your Divine Birthright

Your Body Temple Meditation with Martine Florus

Value $30

Cleanse, clear, awaken, embody, and ground your sacred earth vessel as you listen to Martine’s soothing voice guide you through an interactive and fun meditation. We will build on this process during the retreat.

Awaken Your Inner Priestess Mini Audio Course
Created and Narrated by Amrita Grace

Value $50

Module 1: Sacred Foundation
Module 2: Feminine Archetypes
Module 3: The 4 Basic Practices
Module 4: Heart of the Feminine
Module 5: Ceremony and Altars
Module 5: PDF: Creating Sacred Ceremony
Module 6: Moon Cycles
Module 7: Earth Cycles & Wheel of the Year
Module 7: PDF: Wheel of the Year
Module 8: Next Steps: Sexual Wholeness

Tuition & Dates


September 2-9, 2022

Lodging & Meals:

Healthy catered meals and shared lodging is included in the tuition. Single rooms are available at additional cost.



All-inclusive tuition starts at €1997 ($2297 US) and includes 7 night’s lodging, all food, the 6-day program, and the bonus collection valued at $547