Women, what’s holding you back from living your most vibrant, passionate life?


Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® for Women

Retreat in The Netherlands

September 19-26, 2020

With Amrita Grace, Caroline Muir, & Martine Florus

Caroline’s final group retreat!

Do you know that your sexual energy is your most potent untapped resource?

If you have not addressed your sexual healing, you’re probably falling short of your potential to attract and receive the things that are most important to you…

…like high-quality relationships, creativity and vitality, joyful abundance, and the self-confidence speak your truth.

As women, we carry it all in our bodies, especially in our pelvic regioncultural, religious, and sexual shame and wounding, passed down through the generations. Most women aren’t fully aware of the impact this has on their health, their relationships, and their capacity to receive money and other forms of abundance.

When you heal and celebrate your sexuality as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.


Attract connected, empowered, supportive relationships


Reclaim your voice and speak your truth


Illuminate your true calling and soul path


Reignite your juicy vitality, joyful creativity, and passionate aliveness


Activate your next level of feminine power and presence


Deepen your connection to your personal divine guidance


Strengthen sisterhood bonds in a unique, powerful way

Your second chakra, or sexual/pelvic center, is the root source of your financial, sexual, creative, and emotional life. It holds enormous power… from bringing forth life to pleasure far beyond imagination. It’s also holding centuries of trauma… cultural, personal, and ancestral. We have developed a healing practice that allows you to release trauma and wounding safely, gently, and quicklywithout needing to relive it or talk about it. 

Our uniquely feminine, presence-based body of work is called Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® and it was created by women, for women

This is the leading edge of personal growth and development, the final frontier. No prior experience required… just a willingness to learn how to turn up the volume on your authentic presence, pleasure, healing, and fulfillment!


Learn more about Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® from our Co-Founder, Amrita Grace.

Profound praise from our participants…

I’m a person who doesn’t relate well to goddess archetypes, ceremony, or “new age” language. I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me from attending this workshop. It’s difficult to put the experience into words. I just know I’m more open, vital, connected, and that my energy has shifted in some important way. The love and safety of the container Amrita creates cannot be emphasized enough. It’s what kept me going through my fears and continued on throughout the entire week. If you are like me, don’t let your brain talk you out of this.

Sabrina Greensea, Maryland

I was pleasantly surprised with this retreat. I had no expectations… though in life, I usually have. This experience has allowed me to see and release all that blocked me from feeling greatness in the universe. I am so happy to have met some wonderful goddesses from all over the world. We are sisters for more than a lifetime!

R. Lair

Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing strengthened my loving relationship with myself and my sexuality. I now feel like I understand in my body and my whole being what it means to be intimate, to connect, and to love in a much deeper way. I’m truly grateful for this healing work and recommend the experience to every woman of every age who wants to own and honor her sexuality.

Dale Sparage - CreativeCoreCoaching.com

I am Latin, born in a very conservative environment where the woman’s body needs to be hidden because it is the reason why men sin. I hated my body deep inside. This retreat made a change. My body, every part of it, is sacred. It deserves to be loved, touched, and listened to. I am my body, my body is the sacred Temple where my soul lives this life.

Flori Salcedo, Peru

Amrita presents a beautiful experience of connecting with our sisters and with our true self. She provides safety, presence, and compassion which allowed for me to go deeply into my inner realms and release beliefs and emotional blockages thus freeing me to step into my sheer authenticity and share it with myself and this exceptional group of women. I feel blessed to have been a participant in this work and witness the unfolding and blossoming of us all.

Benita Silver, Licensed Professional Counselor, CTE - Asheville, NC, WomanHeal.net

With so much hype and empty promises out in the world of healing, Amrita is the real thing. The work is deep and soft at the same time. The feminine has returned and Amrita has made it safe to reclaim.

Kimberly Stokes - AshaStokes.com

This Retreat is perfect for you if you are ready to


Find your Voice and Speak your Truth


Access your Internal Intuition, Guidance, and Support


Empower your Magnetic Feminine Presence


Unite your Body, Mind, and Heart


Celebrate the Union of Sexuality and Spirituality


Immerse in Supportive Sisterhood


Activate your Birthright of Vitality and Energy


Deepen your capacity to hold Safe, Sacred Space


Tap an Endless Source of Creative Power


Know what True Confidence is at any age!

All-Inclusive – What You’ll Receive


Gentle Morning Yoga to enliven your body


Ceremonial Celebrations to enrich your spirit


Delicious Dance to embody your sensuality


Tantric Practices to revitalize your energy


Shamanic Breathwork® to activate your awareness


Organic Meals to nourish your being


Beautiful nature to engage your senses


Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® Touch (AH)


to evolve your sexual consciousness


to empower sisterhood healing


to activate your feminine power & presence


to liberate & release blocks to your freedom


to transcend whatever is holding you back!

This retreat is NOT for you if…


You don't want to invest in yourself


You'd like to stay in your comfort zone


You're not interested in sacred feminine mysteries


You're fine with your life the way it is and don't want change


You prefer not to dive deeply into your own being

Women from around the world share their experiences…

“Miracles happen”

“Such a safe, sacred container.”

“Every woman needs to go through this.”

When women gather in sacred circle, anything and everything is possible. When women learn how to hold space for each other’s sexual awakening and healing, big magic happens. This is the leading edge of personal growth and development, the final frontier.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to be guided through facilitating, receiving, and supporting Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® Sacred Spot (Internal Yoni) Touch, as well as the fully-clothed energy work featured in the video above. The internal touch is not “yoni massage,” it is presence- and stillness-based healing touch without agenda. Amrita and Caroline will guide you step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity.


What makes The Sacred Feminine Mystery School® different from other Sacred Sexuality Schools?

The Sacred Feminine Mystery School was specifically designed to lovingly transmit women’s sexual mysteries and to awaken and heal feminine sexuality. It was created by women, for women.

So much of what is being taught in the realm of sacred sexuality and tantra has originated from masculine traditions and is geared toward men. As women, we have a completely different experience of how sexual energy dances in our bodies.

There are lots of schools and individuals teaching a wide range of questionable sexuality practices in the unregulated field of spiritual sexual education. In The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, we value, embody, uphold, and teach with impeccable standards and ethics during our retreats. We create the safest of spaces for you so you can relax and trust the process.

We’ve spent more than a decade refining our signature Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing® practices into a graceful, accessible, divinely feminine body of work. You won’t find this uniquely feminine experience anywhere else!

What's included in the tuiton?

The tuition includes

  • 7 nights’ lodging at New Eden Retreat Center
  • Organic, vegetarian meals including dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day
  • The Sacred Feminine Mystery School Program (6 full days)
  • Access to all the facilities at New Eden including wifi and cozy community spaces
Is there an early-bird discount?

Yes! We have extended due the early-bird discount due to the Corona Virus. If you register by July 31, 2020, you can take $200 off the all-inclusive tuition.

Is there a monthly payment plan?

Once you’ve made your $500 deposit, $1000 payments will be due March 1, 2020, and June 1, 2020. The balance is due by July 31, 2020. If you would like to be on a monthly interest-free automatic payment plan instead, we are happy to set that up for you once you make your deposit.

Are there scholarships available?

Investing in yourself is a powerful path to real healing and change. It’s a strong motivator to dive fully into the process and do all the work. We have found, over and over, that when people pay reduced prices for a high-level retreat such as this, they don’t value it as highly. Our experience has been that they either don’t participate fully or they cause problems in the container. If you truly want to experience potent transformation in your life, make the commitment and trust in your ability to manifest the money. It’s about prioritizing what matters most to you.

Why did you choose The Netherlands?

The truth is, The Netherlands chose us! Our European women have been asking us to teach in Europe for the past several years, and we simply asked for the right place to be revealed. When a “divine delivery angel” told us about New Eden Retreat Center, we knew immediately this was our place!

We will have exclusive use of New Eden Centre for Personal Transformation, located in the unique Friesland district of The Netherlands. New Eden is surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful forest and nature and is completely private and is gloriously free from the noise and distractions of modern life.

Staying at New Eden is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic. They go to great lengths to create a strong and loving container for you to stretch into the best version of yourself while creating a culture of acceptance, authenticity, depth of practice, mastery, and heart-centered living. For Amrita’s experience of staying at New Eden, read her blog post, Where the Ley Lines Cross.

Meet Your Facilitators

Amrita Grace

Amrita has been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power since 2000 so they can live the fulfilled and inspired lives they dream of. 

She’s the Co-Founder and Director of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School and and award-winning, bestselling author, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, Certified Divine Feminine Educator, Ordained High Priestess, Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher, and Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator. (see full bio here)

Amrita Grace

Caroline Muir

This will be Caroline’s final live teaching retreat! She’s is a semi-retired author and Tantra Yoga educator who offers Private Immersions to women and couples in Panama City, Panama, where she lives.

Co-founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, Caroline originally developed the core practice of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing-AH®. Amrita, as her lineage-carrier, has evolved the body of work into a uniquely feminine, presence-based practice that she teaches in women’s retreats and Certified Facilitator Trainings worldwide.


Martine Florus

Martine is a 4-dimensional bodyworker and coach for over 24 years, a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator,  Certified Tantra Educator, and former staff of the Divine Feminine Institute workshops.

Martine has studied with numerous world-class teachers including Master Mantak Chia. She has been on a path of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing and growth since 1993 and incorporates all her experiences into her bodywork, coaching, and teaching in the US and Europe. (see full bio here)

Rachel Fiske – Yoga & Tantra Teacher

Rachel leads morning yoga, a moving meditation that draws your mind and body into a state of Oneness with Her. A yogic journey with Rachel is one of self-awareness rather than information about yoga. Constrictions can be revealed and healed and your body can become flexible, strong, purified, and balanced along the way. Rachel’s unique synthesis of yogic paths helps release—on the yoga mat—the patterns that hold you back from your full feminine expression. Rachel also co-leads The Sacred Feminine Tantric teachings with Caroline and offers optional private sessions for women during the retreat.

Lauren Jubelirer – Astrologer & Acupuncturist

Lauren brings her divinely creative feminine intelligence to us through her brilliant astrological presentations as well as the Bliss Café, an evening of auricular acupuncture and meditation that will refresh and rejuvenate you. Lauren will also offer optional private readings which provide authentic guidance for understanding your fundamental life purpose and for making more conscious personal decisions that align with and resonate with your soul’s original blueprint.

Registration Bonus
Extended to September 5th

Awaken Your Inner Priestess Online Audio Mini Course by Amrita Grace

Value $50

All-Inclusive Tuition & Dates


September 19-26, 2020

Lodging & Meals:

Shared rooms with private baths and 3 organic vegetarian meals per day, including dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day. A limited number of single rooms available.


New Eden Retreat Center, Friesland, Netherlands


All-inclusive is $3997.

Final day to register

September 4th.