When you heal your sexuality,
you empower every aspect of your life.


Reclaiming Aphrodite shows you the way with the 7 clear steps to

healing and releasing blocks to creativity, vitality, and loving relationships.

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High Praise for Reclaiming Aphrodite

Rachael Jayne Groover, best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence®

“Amrita touches into a deep place of healing personal and collective wounding as a powerful and positive guide on the path to sexual healing and awakening. As you take her unique and inspirational journey, you will be guided to new heights of expansion and aliveness with joyful compassion.”

Saida Désilets, Ph.D., author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman

Reclaiming Aphrodite is a simple, yet profound and authentic revealing of what it takes to heal sexually. This is a rare book, written not from a clinical perspective, but from a direct, first-hand experience of what it means to claim our wounds as points of power. Amrita’s writing style is compassionate and direct, both of which assist the reader in relaxing and becoming more resourced on their healing journey.”

Caroline Muir, Author, Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening

“Inspiration is my daily bread. Amrita Grace is a daily inspiration. She has walked this path of evolution and expresses beautifully in her passionate and compassionate book, Reclaiming Aphrodite. Her courage will fuel your own willingness into Sexual Wholeness. Reading Amrita’s story will also teach you what sexual wholeness is all about and why we all need more of it. I am Amrita’s forever fan and friend, xo”

Fae Magdalene, NJ

“Your book helped me more than you can imagine. There is no way for me to thank you enough. You have all of my love, gratitude, & encouragement to write more books! You are an amazing Goddess!!!” 

Yuko Oda

“I just wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing book. It is personal, wise, touching, educational, and resonates with me with every chapter and page. My only regret is that I bought a digital book, so I can’t underline and circle everything! I really appreciate the clarity of the writing, the intimacy of your stories, and the simple ways you describe the exercises. I am so grateful. Thank you.” 

David Cates

“Aphrodite’s Journey is a wise, generous, unflinchingly honest map home to sexual wholeness, from someone who has quite obviously walked the journey herself. Amrita Grace shares with us a unique and magical blend of clear thinking, personal details, practical exercises, expansive resources, compassion, and hope. If you or someone you love is struggling in the murky aftermath of sexual abuse, this book is a welcome beacon of light and sanity.”

Dianne Corston

“Amrita writes from the depths with integrity, love and a willingness to expose her vulnerability, to celebrate her courage, and all the while, having gratitude for the lessons learned. Allow Amrita’s story to help you reclaim yours.” 

Suzanne T.

“Reading Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness was a treat for my body, my heart, my soul. So clearly did Amrita’s story reach me, I was compelled to read on, and with each page I wanted still more… it was likened to having one of those deep, honest and soulful conversations you share with someone til the wee hours of the morning; … like sharing with my best friend. This book should be on every woman’s bookshelf/bedside, it is full of the author’s honest and heartfelt experiences that unite women. For me, it was a soft and gentle read that explained clearly how our body can manifest energy blocks, which take up space due to our human experiences and create patterns of pain, judgment, and abuse. I highly recommend this book, to women and men alike who have chosen to experience life deeply, and I especially recommend this book to those women who still look out into the world, and feel victimized. Awesome read!!!!” 


“This book is a life changing book. I kept a journal nearby and wrote down truths and concepts that seemed to leap off the pages as I read Amrita’s words. Her transparency laced with grace and compassion gave me hope that wholeness is attainable. I highly recommend this book for everyone because either we are survivors of trauma ourselves or we know someone who is. An excellent, resourceful book!” 

Mahalia Michaels

“Amrita Grace has the courage and strength of a wild Lioness. She has had the courage to not only reveal her personal journey from pain and suffering, confusion and misunderstanding to emerge into a divine goddess with the birthright for bliss, she has also, done the work! This work, her work, is where the rubber meets the road when understanding what true healing is about. There is no substitute for diving into the dark, uncomfortable places and emerging as a glorious lotus flower. No one can define another’s journey and ‘Reclaiming Aphrodite’ gives permission for others to find their way. You are heaven sent for women on our planet today to experience what it means to live, fully, sexually, whole. I am in deep gratitude for your sharing of this sacred book and what insights it has brought to my life. I am inspired to live more fully because of you. Many blessings of love and bliss dear Goddess!” 

Pam Zubko

“A compelling read… very nicely done, well-balanced with personal story and practical guidance illuminating a path to acceptance and recovery. While my addictions generally manifest in other forms of acting out, the threads that run through all give this book a universal quality and appeal. The photos included enhanced the veracity of the author’s path to wholeness. I am grateful to the author for not only having the courage to take a healing journey but for sharing it for the benefit of others seeking peace……and joy in their lives.”

Sara Trayser

Reclaiming Aphrodite is both inspirational and insightful. Amrita’s personal stories helped me to feel connected and not alone which is a great source of comfort for a survivor of sexual abuse and trauma. I really enjoyed how she broke the chapters into the Chakras and their meanings. I found that very educational and it creates a sense of empowerment for a survivor to feel more closely aware of their mind and body in gaining self-acceptance and control. Her willingness to look at and accept her vulnerabilities in a safe and loving manner, help to bring a sense of hope and courage that allows me to address my own in the healing process. Amrita Grace’s Reclaiming Aphrodite is a beautifully woven compilation of personal stories, spiritual knowledge, and practical tools and exercises that I feel blessed to have found on my journey of self-discovery and acceptance to sexual wholeness. Mahalo Nui Loa Amrita!!”

Joan Heartfield, Ph.D., Author

“Amrita strikes an authentic bell. Her story is the story of many women. Her storytelling, spiritual wisdom, and potent exercises will empower you into a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself as a spiritual sexual being. She will help you reclaim your birthright to be a healthy, happy, integrated, sensual woman. Easy to read and completely relevant to all women on this planet today.”