Awaken the Sleeping Dragon

Awaken the Sleeping Dragon Cover

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10 Powerful Tools to Light Up Your Energy, Banish Negative Self-Talk,
and Super-Charge Your Sacred Feminine Power

Dragons have long been cast in the role of the serpent-demon, bringers of death and destruction. Yet, in pre-patriarchal mythology, they are portrayed as champions of the feminine… keepers of the sacred flame and supporters in the quest for the holy grail.

As we begin to recover our sacred feminine power, we remember and reclaim the ancient symbols of the feminine that have been denounced and vilified by masculine religions that have sought to control feminine power for millennia.

This is ideal for you if you…

  feel the power of the sacred feminine rising and want to embrace it

  know there’s something more than the status quo of “life as usual”

  are ready to awaken to new possibilities for your life