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Earn Affiliate Commissions for referring women to our life changing programs. We pay you $50-$750 for each referral who registers for our retreats or teacher trainings.

We hold a
global vision for healing and awakening sexual consciousness, sexual energy, and cultural perceptions of sexuality across the planet, and we are working toward a future where there are safe, impeccable guides and teachers of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® for people of all genders available worldwide. Your participation in our vision will help us reach many more people than we can reach without you. Thank you for considering partnering with us!

If you already believe in what we are teaching, simply share your own life-changing experience with other women. Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® is needed now more than ever as more and more people claim their voices, speak their truth, and realize that the integration of sexuality and spirituality is key to a life of passion, vitality, and joy.

If affiliate promotions are new to you, we’ve created a Basic Affiliate Marketing training video for you that’s available in the affiliate center once you register. We’ll send you an email with a link to the training video as soon as you register.

What is a referral?

A referral is someone who is new to our work… not a repeating student or participant.

How much are referral fees?


Retreats: $50-$300 (depending on the length of the retreat) for each participant you refer (until we are sold out)

Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator Teacher Training Level 1: $400 for each participant you refer (until we are sold out)

We will increase these fees as we expand.

Sacred Feminine Mystery School Licensed Teachers:

Retreats: $75-$400 (depending on the length of the retreat) for each participant you refer (until we are sold out)

Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator Teacher Training Level 1: $600 for each participant you refer (until we are sold out)

How do I refer people?

In order to receive credit for your sales, you must use the unique links we provide through our Kartra affiliate platform. If someone else has previously referred that person via their unique link, they will receive the referral fee. If someone you referred using your unique link has registered and you didn’t get credit, let us know and we’ll investigate. If you referred someone who registered and did not use your unique link, please contact us with their name(s) and we’ll investigate. 

We’ll set you up for success with professional marketing copy and graphic images you can use in your promotions.

When will I be paid?

Because of the changeable nature of events at this time, we will pay commissions as soon as the retreat is over. If we must cancel the workshop, we refund 100% of tuition and will regrettably not pay referral fees. However, we do our best to reschedule and if we do, we will be able to pay your referral fees even if the person cancels as we retain a non-refundable deposit. 

How will I be paid?

Paypal is the preferred method. Other options include paper check via snail mail and bank wire transfer (wire transfer fees are deducted from your referral fees). Transferwise can be arranged for currencies other than US$. You’ll be able to choose your payment method in your affiliate account once you register.

Required Tax Forms

We must have a signed W-9 (if you file taxes in the US) before we can pay out any commissions. There is a fillable, sign-able form inside your affiliate account once you register.

A year-end 1099 MISC will be issued by The Sacred Feminine LLC for amounts of $600 and over paid to non-corporate US citizens.

If you are not a US citizen, we are required to withhold 30% income tax and submit this tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, you can have the 30% withholding rate reduced based on any applicable tax treaty that your country has with the US. In order to reduce the withholding rate, you must submit a signed and dated W8BEN form to The Sacred Feminine LLC. You can learn more about this form here and there’s a fillable form inside your affiliate account once you register.

Affiliate agreements

  1. Only use ethical marketing methods to promote our programs and services. SPAM reflects poorly on all of us.
  2. Do not promote The Sacred Feminine Mystery School on a site that could be deemed offensive.
  3. Do not use your affiliate links for your own purchases at The Sacred Feminine Mystery School. If you would like to attend an event, please reach out and we’ll negotiate a special offer for you.

By becoming an affiliate of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, you are agreeing to abide by all FCC Guidelines as well as those set in place by The Sacred Feminine LLC. We reserve the right to remove affiliates who violate our policies from our program without notice.

Affiliate Support

Please email us or call our toll-free voicemail number 888-631-SFMS (7367) if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you for your interest in referring people to us… we receive it as a very high compliment and we’ll take really good care of them!

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