What is Sacred Self Care and Why do I Need It? | Amrita GraceYou’ve probably heard the term “self care” many times over. But what about “sacred self care”? I received a huge download of information and a grounded experience of what sacred self care is, and it goes way beyond massages and hot baths. Sacred self care is a holistic, multi-faceted approach to cultivating wholeness. It means addressing every level of your being, especially the “unseen” aspects. It means nurturing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, energetically, and spiritually. Let’s take a look at each of these aspects individually.

The 6 Layers of Sacred Self Care

Physical – this is likely the most commonly addressed aspect in self care regimens. You know the drill: drink plenty of water; eat a healthy diet that is right for YOUR body; get enough good-quality sleep; get regular exercise or movement into your days; incorporate periods of rest into your life; and treat any illnesses in appropriate ways.

Mental: We are bombarded with trillions of bits of information every day… way more than we can process. Be very choosy about the information you take in. This is as important as the food you eat. What does your information diet consist of? How does it make you feel? Are you bingeing on Netflix and spending hours on social media? Spending too much time online and not enough outside can overload mental circuits and put your nervous system on perpetual edge. Not having access to in-person community at this time certainly doesn’t help matters.

Emotional: Emotions are part of the human experience. Learning to work with them consciously is not something we are generally taught how to do, and it’s an important life skill to have. When emotions get stuffed without being processed, they tend to leak out unexpectedly and can wreak havoc on relationships of all kinds. Gain and practice tools that will allow you to move through your emotional material. The tools are fairly simple, but they do require practice. In the beginning, you’ll need to move through the backlog you’ve been storing for a lifetime… but once you do, it becomes easier and faster to process through all kinds of emotions as they occur.

Sexual: Do you carry unresolved sexual wounding? Pretty much everyone does, even if they’ve never experienced sexual abuse or trauma. It’s embedded in our culture… shame and guilt are imposed on most people from a young age through various means. That hidden, unresolved wounding has a profound impact on every area of your life, especially your relationships. This is “second chakra” stuff, which impacts creativity, emotions, finances, and of course, the health of your sexuality. The inverse of this is that accessing your sexual energy, or life-force energy, can change your life in powerful and unexpected ways (for the better). I consider this to be the missing piece relating to sacred self care in most teachings. I’ve been writing and talking about sexual wholeness for more than 15 years because it’s made such a profound difference in my own life and relationships.

Energetic: Now we are getting in to the “unseen” realms. Are you aware of your energy system? Everything is energy, vibrating at different rates. What appears solid in our world, including our bodies, is simply energy vibrating more slowly and acquiring the density of matter. It’s possible to intentionally awaken, heal, and balance your own energy field with simple tools and practices. We have the capacity to impact everything in our lives through healing our energy fields. Does that make it worthwhile to learn about? You BET it does!

Spiritual: It is not necessary to be a member of any organized religion to access your spirituality, and in fact, your spiritual path is as unique as you are. Whether you choose to follow the guidelines or rules of a particular path or not, you have full access to your own spirituality. Despite what we’ve been told over thousands of years, no intermediary is necessary to access the larger, infinite part of ourselves that is Universal Wisdom. As spiritual beings having a human experience, being in touch with our personal perception of what is spiritual to us feeds and nourishes on a soul level. Be sure to carve out time every single day to slow down, breathe, be still and quiet, and tune in deeply to your own being.

There’s one more category of sacred self care that bears mentioning here: shadow work. The willingness to investigate, heal, and integrate aspects of yourself that you have rejected, disowned, or denied. Often, these disowned aspects of self are the underpinnings of bad habits, cravings, and addictions… in other words, things that we do to cover up and hide from what we don’t want to feel.

Ideally, we are cultivating wholeness in all aspects of our being… that is true Sacred Self Care. I believe that our current times are calling for feminine renewal on a large scale, and that renewal begins within each of us. When you slow down enough and give yourself the gift of time and space to practice sacred self care, life begins to shift in miraculous ways.

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Because once you get full access to your feminine life force energy, everything in your life transforms: relationships, vitality, health, clarity, and abundance! 

Love & blessings, Amrita